Britney Spears’ Latest Video Shows Her Choking Herself, Leaving Fanbase Confused, Scared, And Traumatized

Britney Spears has had it rough. The pop star won freedom from a 13-year conservatorship last year and has been fairly vocal about how damaging the experience was. She confessed how horrendously her family treated her, forcing her to switch meds and take lithium, putting her in facilities against her will where she was monitored the whole time, and dictating every professional aspect of her life, among several other things. Needless to say, these things had a scarring effect on Spears’ mental health and she has been trying to get better.

But a recent Instagram post shared by the Princess of Pop has her fans utterly concerned about her mental health and they feel she needs even more help.

Britney Spears has fans worried with latest Instagram video
Britney Spears

Britney Spears incites confusion and concern

Britney Spears has been pretty active on Instagram for quite some time now. She has been prolifically posting semi-n*de and topless pictures of her, and dancing videos ever since she got the freedom to. Her posts have raised some question marks now and then, and some concerns are now being raised at the latest video the singer has posted. In an instant, while dancing, Spears could be seen holding her neck and pretending to choke, an action that was literally horrifying for her fans. She even fell around at a point while keeping her eyes locked on the camera, again a very disturbing spectacle.

Britney Spears Instagram dance video
Stills from Britney Spears’ dance video showing her pretending to choke her neck

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Part of the confusion stemmed from the bizarre caption she wrote with the video, which seemed to have no coherence with the content on display.

” Me and Maui!!! 6 days ago I was in the rainforest there… just talking to Mother Nature!!! All the babies in the pool in Maui had their tongues out!!!

Not sure what that’s about but I think it’s my new thing!!! Pss you guys should really come out here and talk to her!!! SHE’S REALLY NICE!!!!”

That, right there is a head-scratcher if there ever was one.

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Fans are worried

Fans are worried about Britney Spears
Britney Spears has her fans worried and confused with her social media posts

Spears’ caption had her fans confused and her comment section was a clear reflection of that. One user wrote, “I’m so confused lol.”

And another wrote:

There were several fans who were actually just concerned for Spears. A user wrote, “I feel like she needs more help than ever. Something still seems off with her.”

Another user wrote: “She choked herself as a dance move. That was weird even for her.”

Yet another wrote, “The hands… it’s just… so bad.”

This isn’t the first time that Spears has raised concern. Her IG posting habits have her fans worried and her haters infuriated for a long time now. Fans feel like she needs more support to get better and wish she gets the needful soon enough.

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Source: Daily Star

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