Bruce Campbell Bashes Batman v Superman: Says It Never Should Have Been Made

Plenty of people had their issues with Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman when it arrived in theatres in 2016, including Evil Dead franchise star and horror legend Bruce Campbell. 

Beginning in 1981, Campbell was part of a team that not only created a cult horror classic with the Evil Dead franchise but also were among the first filmmakers to hit it big with an ultra low budget film. 

Bruce Campbell calls it “stupid”

Bruce Campbell calls it “stupid”
Campbell voicing his opinions

For those who aren’t big fans of either Campbell, his latest comments regarding comic book movies will likely touch a nerve. Campbell has never been one to keep his thoughts to himself concerning his actions or opinions. In it, Campbell asserts that the Batman V Superman was a “stupid concept” and that it “never should’ve been made”. Check out the full quote below:

“You know, effects should be used to tell a story. Because—here’s what it is: the Evil Dead movies are about unsuspecting people with no special powers and things happened to them. So it’s survival by normal people. So that’s all you need. To a character Ash from Evil Dead, he can be killed at any time. Car crash. He’s dead. But these guys who have this special superhero power, to me that’s Snoresville. If you don’t have kryptonite, then – Batman v Superman. Stupid, stupid, stupid concept. Never should’ve been made. Superman who can like, make the world go backwards with centrifugal force. Batman can’t do that. Superman can frickin’ fly. He’s the man of steel. All he has – one hand on Batman’s oesophagus, the story is over. So they spent a lot of money kidding themselves. Stop rinsing these superheroes! By the time we get through, they’re all going to have the same colour hair, they’re all going to do the same stuff. What’s unusual about them?”

Invasion of Technology in Filmmaking 

Invasion of Technology in Filmmaking 
Campbell talking to media

Campbell expresses his resentment about how technology has taken over film making. Superhero movies, in his opinion, are dull precisely because those doing battle on-screen have all the powers that they need to elevate their experiences beyond anything relatable to an actual human being.

Of course, these particular sentiments are not accepted by many, but Campbell has a valid point. 

Have you watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Here is the trailer:

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