Bruce Campbell Might Play This Marvel Character In Doctor Strange 2

After Bruce Campbell tries to persuade for a role in Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange’s sequel, he may show up as an alternate reality Mysterio.

Is it true Bruce Campbell will be in Doctor Strange 2?

Bruce Campbell Lobbies for Cameo in Doctor Strange 2

After months of gossip, director Sam Raimi, finally confirmed he would direct the upcoming Doctor Strange 2. This shows he is back! Given that he recently directed Sony’s Spider-Man trilogy, which featured Tobey Maguire in the leading role.

The addition of the director’s name to the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, there were fan hypotheses that the film could come back to the multiverse in Raimi’s Spider-Man. Thus, leading to Maguire’s arrival as Spider-Man.

In any case, Maguire’s Peter Parker isn’t the main character. After Raimi confirmed with the Doctor Strange’s sequel, Bruce Campbell offered his role to depict the MCU film’s next villain. The thought is incredible, and it’s reasonable the actor should play Mysterio.

Bruce Campbell has various cameo roles in Spider-Man Trilogy:

Bruce Campbell in Spider-Man 2

The actor showed up in the trilogy of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films in a cameo role. Also, without fail, he played various roles:

First up, Bruce was the wrestling host that gave Spider-Man his name in the main film. In Spider-Man 2, Campbell played an unpleasant attendant before he was a server that helped Peter propose in the third entrance. While his appearances were for comedy purposes, which further helped in making a fan-hypothesis about his character. Many fans accepted that Campbell was playing a similar role – this present universe’s version of Mysterio.

Since, Raimi’s fourth Spider-Man film was in the making, that never got released. It may have helped Campbell step into a bigger role as one of the film’s villains. That never happened, but Raimi’s direction in Doctor Strange 2 and Campbell’s eagerness to be a part of the movie offers the ideal chance to take care of the fan-theory.
The sequel is ready to take fans out traveling through the Marvel multiverse – some part of what fans believe the film could visit the Spider-Man trilogy reality. And if Tobey Maguire makes an appearance from his universe, then, Campbell could hail from a similar reality as a version of Mysterio.


‘Spider-Man’ Actor Bruce Campbell Wants to Play a ‘Doctor Strange’ Villain?

The reveal could work well, given that Jake Gyllenhaal was as of late presented in the MCU as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Since fans are familiar with the character. Then offering another version of villain would make for a pleasant turn – particularly thinking that Gyllenhaal’s villain presented himself as being from another Earth.

It’s not true, yet it could be valid for another Mysterio – all things considered, it occurred in the 2012 comic mini-series Spider-Men. Since Mysterio presented himself as a magician, something that ended up being a lie. This could be Campbell’s rendition of the villain in combat with Doctor Strange. Regardless of whether his powers are quite yet deceptive.

Campbell’s appearance could be brief, that affirms he indeed was his universe’s version of Mysterio, before Doctor Strange at once crushes him. It would be incredible to see the hypothesis at long last paid off for fans of Raimi’s superhero movies.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen will be in Doctor Strange 2- The Multiverse Madness. The film will hit theaters on November 5, 2021.

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