Bruce Wayne to Get Murdered in Snyder and Jock’s ‘Punishing Dark Knight’

Writer Scott Snyder is going to make sure that the next Dark Knight villain could be the worst nightmare to come alive. By this, we mean for Bruce Wayne. The villain is all set to appear in Snyder and Jock’s ‘The Batman Who Laughs’ series. This is also the next step in the story that was begun by Snyder in Dark Knights: Metal in collaboration with artist Greg Capullo.

In an interview with CBR, Scott has said that it stands on its way like Metal and Justice League did and arc-by-arc. “It still will build to what we’re going to be doing in Justice League Dark and Justice League Odyssey,” he further added. The six-issue series is all set to be launched in November and will also be a follow-up event from the Dark Knight multiverse which is about a Batman who is more than willing to kill.

Snyder talks about ‘The Batman Who Laughs’ and deciding what exactly he is after in Gotham. “He’s brought a new Dark Knight with him, which is one of the ones I’ve wanted to use for a long time. These characters are all Batman’s worst nightmares about himself. I believe very strongly in his code of non-lethal force. We’ve never broken that with our version of him, and I think one of his worst nightmares would be, “he further added on his interview.

The writer holds no bars when he says that this Batman is more of a Punisher Batman. Snyder says he’s more like the Deadly Dark Knight and comes in with a huge arsenal. He doesn’t shy away in saying that the Punisher is awesome but, is broke most of the time as he’s driving around a lot in his van.

Scott Snyder says that ‘The Batman Who Laughs’ is simply Bruce Wayne and has billions of dollars on him. Scott says, ‘He would need no gun to kill you’ and adds an example of how the pipes in the walls of one’s apartment could be built by Wayne Enterprises. ‘All he would need is to press a button.’

Snyder admits that he’s totally thrilled to bring out the horror side with Jock whom he worked on with for Black Mirror and Witches. The new Dark Knight is touted to be the deadliest man to be alive and will be brought out as the henchman to the Batman Who Laughs. It won’t be all dark and will have a fun element to it with Bruce Waynes of all ages popping out dead. The main Bruce Wayne will have to do an autopsy and find out what went wrong and where.

‘The Batman Who Laughs’ will still be tied up with DC and might even start his journey beyond Bat comic books. Snyder signs off by saying that this story is building on Justice League and also the beginning of The Batman Who Laughs. “You’ll see the beginning of that story and then the story itself will be relatively standalone, but it’s in continuity. And what it sets up rolls forward in the DCU in a really evil way.”

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