Brutally Unspeakable Acts Committed By Moon Knight That MCU Can Never Show

While Moon Knight might not be a household name for superhero fans until now, the character has been steadily picking up the steam in popularity, especially when there were rumors of Matrix star Keanu Reeves playing the character came up. However, the role was ultimately bagged by actor Oscar Isaac, and the new Moon Knight series has been faring quite well on Disney+ until now.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, only the Punisher has so far, matched up with the body count that Moon Knight has. He may not be responsible to kill every bad guy out there, but he is simply not afraid to get really brutal when it requires. This is why it isn’t quite easy to narrow down to 10 bad deeds the Marvel anti-hero has done to date. However, we have tried, and here’s the list:

Becoming A Deadly Mercenary

Moon Knight on Disney+
Moon Knight is one of the deadliest mercenaries in Marvel

No matter how to perceive it, being a mercenary isn’t a really good thing. One may have all the moral codes they want, but the remains, you are still killing others for well, money. For Marc, all it took him to realize was that it was time for him to get into a different line of business. After being mortally wounded by Bushman, leaving him in the desert for dead – all this led to the creation of Moon Knight.

Impaling Bushman On A Machine Gun

Moon Knight in Marvel Comics
Moon Knight is seen as one of the brutal heroes in Marvel Comics

Bushman is responsible for most of Moon Knight’s ire, something that didn’t really change once he was revived by Hood as the Dark Reign era of Marvel surged. The two fought against each other yet again, leading to Moon Knight impaling him, and well not just this, he prepared to cut his face off yet again.

Between the voices of Khonshu yelling at him and Bushmaster making a plead that he left his face alone, Marc Spector held himself back. This is a moment where viewers can see that he was actually trying to be more like a hero – something that is kinda rare.

He Has A Loose Grasp On Reality

Moon Knight
Moon Knight inhibits a total of three personalities

While this hasn’t gotten Marc in way too many sticky situations as one might think, there have been occasions when his dissociative disorder has caused him many problems. Fortunately, on many occasions, that’s mostly to himself than others.

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The arc that pertains most to this is the One Man Avenger story, where he had thought that he was working with Wolverine, Cap, and Spider-Man only to eventually find out that they were all fragments of his thought – inside his head. This went on to make for a really interesting comic as they all had their time to vie for control at various points.

Carving Crescent Into His Victims’ Foreheads

Bloody Moon Knight
Bloody Moon Knight in the pages of Marvel Comics

Reminds us of Inglorious Basterds, doesn’t it? In the comics, the crescent moon is usually tied to Moon Knight as much as his unstable mind.

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While it can be seen as both his weapon of choice and symbol, it is something that he has used to carve into the foreheads of many who have gone on to oppose him. Moon Knight, unlike many Marvel heroes or vigilantes, thrives on the fear in the minds of his foes. This explains why he wears white on most occasions as he wants them to see him coming to them. The moons also conjure up this symbol of fear, letting everyone know that he’s always lurking there, keeping an eye.

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