Buffy Star Sarah Michelle Gellar Calls 15 Years of Brendan Fraser Friendship a “Gift”: “If it was up to me, he would win all the awards”

Kudos to Brendan Fraser for winning the Oscars under the Best Actor category for his movie The Whale. But unfortunately, he wasn’t always this successful. Sustaining several physical injuries while filming, to overcoming his divorce settlement, Fraser went through a lot in his life. However, no matter how bad his luck was regarding his career and married life, he had Sarah Michelle Gellar as his friend by his side.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brendan Fraser

Irrespective of facing major setbacks in his personal as well as professional life, Brendan Fraser found Sarah Michelle Gellar as his best acquaintance. Knowing each other for more than 15 years, Gellar and Fraser consider themselves truly blessed for their friendship. 

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Brendan Fraser And Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Friendship

Ever since Brendan Fraser met Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of The Air I Breathe in 2007, the two hit it off. Developing a close bond, the two stood by each other through thick and thin. Especially since Brendan Fraser went through a harsh life with a degrading professional career and unstable personal life, Gellar’s friendship was a much-needed experience for him. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Air I Breathe (2007)

The two became such great friends, they were oftentimes spotted together attending events, premieres, and award shows. Gellar and Fraser both appreciated not just each other’s presence but were also a fan of each other’s work. Having mutual admiration and support towards each other’s talents and work ethics, the two bonded well. Sarah Michelle Gellar even had the opportunity to show her honest appreciation for Fraser’s work, when she handed him the American Riviera Award for outstanding achievement in film. 

Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser

Gellar praised the actor for his work and paid tribute to their friendship. Gellar mentioned,

I’ve been fortunate to have Brendan as a friend for 15 years. When I watched [his] performances, he made me want to become a better actor. But then I got to meet him and know him, and he makes me a better person.

Appreciating his friendship, the Buffy actress took the opportunity on stage to state, “Brendan you’re a gift”. 

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Brendan Fraser Makes A Solid Comeback With The Whale

It has been 15 years that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brendan Fraser have been friends. Supporting each other through their rough years, the two turned their friendship stronger than ever. The actress revealed her excitement for Fraser when he was nominated for the Oscars. Further, when he won the Best Actor category award for his movie The Whale, Gellar mentioned she “ugly cried” for him. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Following the event of the American Riviera Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Sarah Michelle Gellar took to her Instagram and shared a photo with Fraser. She captioned it, “I had the greatest privilege to [award] my dear friend Brendan Fraser. If it was up to me, he would win all the awards.” 

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram post

Despite having great success after appearing in well-known films like The Mummy and G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Brendan Fraser faced a major career setback. He ever suffered in his personal life after he had to pay a considerable amount to his ex-wife Afton Smith as their divorce settlement. However, sustaining his worst years in Hollywood, he went forward to be an Oscar-winning actor during the 95th Academy Awards ceremony. Achieving the greatest award as an actor, Brendan Fraser turned his tides. 

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