Bumblebee: Post-Credits Scenes Hint At The Franchise’s Future

The Transformers films have a custom of post-credits scenes that really originated before the introduction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, extending back to executive Michael Bay’s 2007 film. Three of the spin-offs likewise contained such arrangements, and now Bumblebee proceeds with that convention with a stinger that might be a see off of what’s in store.

Albeit 2017’s The Last Knight was proposed to set the phase for an eager extension of Transformers, with prequels, spin-offs and spinoffs, its baffling film industry execution drove Paramount Pictures and Hasbro to pull the brake, leaving Bumblebee as what could be a delicate reboot for the establishment.

Director Travis Knight’s mid-credits scene brings a conclusion, of sorts, to the character curve of human hero Charlie (Hailee Stanfield) while laying the preparation for what could be either a direct sequel or next phase of the franchise.


We promptly observe Bumblebee (voiced by Dylan O’Brien) and Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) strolling through a puzzling timberland, subsequent to leaving the film’s San Francisco background. Optimus thanks his “old companion” for shielding Earth from the Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick.

He likewise expresses gratitude toward Bumblebee for safeguarding the eventual fate of the Autobots by disturbing the message the team endeavoured to transmit back to Megatron and his intrusion constrain. In any case, their discussion is stopped by sonic blasts in the sky. The camera dishes up to uncover seven bundles of flame colliding with Earth, similarly as Bumblebee did before, implying the Autobot mounted force has touched base at their new home. It sets up a prompt spin-off, as they don’t know whether Decepticons followed the seven, if these flashes are really Decepticons, or if the U.S. government’s Sector 7 has spotted them.


Knight at that point blurs to Charlie driving what appears to be a glossy, new Corvette through town, yet it’s really the vehicle of her late dad. She had utilized it trying to adapt to her sadness, yet her absence of accomplishment results just in apprehension and segregation, and a developing disdain coordinated at her remaining family.

It’s a straightforward and unobtrusive sequence, as it’s only Charlie down the breezy streets, with the breeze blowing through her hair. Be that as it may, it demonstrates she’s had time, following Bumblebee’s flight, to reestablish the Corvette, and her expansive grin proposes she feels herself once more. Charlie is yet again certain and glad, two things she figured she could never be.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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