‘Call Joe Biden, Free Drake’: Rumours of Drake Being Arrested in Sweden Spreads Like Wildfire, Fans Want American President to Drop Everything & Intervene

In this age and time, spreading rumors about anybody is as easy as it gets. One post and swoosh. You’re already there. And Drake is finding that out the hard way. On July 14, a rumor was in the air that he, along with members of his entourage, have been arrested in Sweden. What for? Illegal possession of Marijuana! The reports, which have not been confirmed by an official source, have spread like wildfire.

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The reports about Drake’s arrest are unsubstantiated

Drake has been reportedly arrested by Swedish police

The rumor began on Instagram. Drake and his entourage’s arrest in Sweden were discussed. The cause of the arrest was spoken of. But what was missing was an official source. Nonetheless, it gained currency and more people jumped on the rumor-mongering bandwagon. And people on Twitter came out in full support of the Canadian (not American rapper) not showering messages of well-being, but rather with memes to show their support.

Drake’s camp still has to confirm (or deny) the rumor.

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Justin, not Joe: Twitter is calling upon the wrong leader to free Drake

Fans are calling on Joe Biden to save Drake

Taking a cue from A$AP Rocky’s release from a Swedish prison after then president Donald Trump’s intervention, people are expecting the same from Biden. Twitter users are showing no restraint in sharing the hashtag #FreeDrake. And Joe Biden has been given the task of bringing the rapper back.


But there’s one flaw. He is not an American.

Drake is a CANADIAN rapper.

Any appeal to bring him back should be made to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, not his American counterpart.

Not that Justin Trudeau bringing back Drake would be any less iconic. His fans wouldn’t care about who brings back their favorite, as long as he’s brought back.

Twitter is having its fair share of fun

Twitter is having its fair share of fun about Drake

While Drake’s representatives still need to confirm the incident, fans are having their fair share of fun. Here are a few iconic tweets shared on Twitter:



The rumor is similar to the story of Brittney Griner, who has been jailed in Russia for months after being found with Cannabis while traveling through an airport.

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