Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Has A Battle Royale Map, Here’s How You Can Find It

COD: Modern Warfare has tonnes of features but is the battle royale mode one of them?

There are a lot of games to be excited about. One of those is Call of Duty (COD): Modern Warfare which hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC just earlier this year. It is backwards compatible, has input based matchmaking and other features. But there has been some issues with COD. Mainly people are upset that there’s no Battle Royale mode there. Moreover there are no future plans from developer Infinity Ward to even change this. But rumours and leaks tell a different story.

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Battle Royale Mode Coming To COD?

Is there a battle royale feature in COD? Pic courtesy:
Is there a battle royale feature in COD? Pic courtesy:

There has been no official confirmation that COD will have the Battle Royale mode. But there has been a lot of rumours, reports and even leaks of COD, all of which tell a different story. These leaks have revealed the battle royale mode’s map fully. So while Activision and Infinity Ward have been silent on COD’s battle royale mode, but independent sources have been saying a lot.

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How To Get Battle Royale Mode In COD?

How can we go without telling you how to get that battle royal mode. Pic courtesy:
How can we go without telling you how to get that battle royal mode. Pic courtesy:

If you are wondering how the COD Battle Royale map has been leaked then it has been through a bug. This bug has revealed the entire battle royale map of COD but there has been some changes from the previous versions. Unlike the previous ones, this COD lets players explore the massive map.

The battle royale map leak has come through Reddit user KingBreezeoR. He revealed that COD players will be able to replicate the glitch simply by playing a private match while on the map Vacant. Once the private match begins, all you have to finish go for the spectating feature. After this, the camera will spawn that will allow you to explore the full battle royal area. Check out KingBreezeoR’s post below:

If you spectate in a private match on Vacant, you can explore the entire Ground War/ Battle Royale map from modernwarfare

But the explorable map isn’t the only thing which the COD game comes with. It has a lot of rudimentary and placeholder assets as well. It must be said that this isn’t any indication of the possible final product. It is possible that Infinity Ward doesn’t intend to release any version of the Battle Royale feature. But for now these COD battle royale leaks and rumours should be taken with a little salt.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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