Call of Duty: Modern Warfare To Release New Exclusive Content for PS4

If you thought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was done with releasing exclusive content for PS4, you were wrong. As you might remember, the latest Call of Duty hit the market with exclusive content for PS4. At that point in time, some players were confused if it was a one-and-done-deal. But it is said to be not. As claimed by the official site of the game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will get a new map every season. Though it is unclear how many seasons the game will have. Therefore, it cannot be predicted how many maps the game will have, but it will be at the very least more than one. The website again mentions for all players of PS4; the game will also have exclusive Challenge missions, which will come with unique rewards.


Call of Duty Official Website Reads:

Call of Duty Official Website Reads:

PlayStation 4 players can jump into Special Ops: Survival, an exclusive wave-based horde mode,” states the website. “And each Modern Warfare season will bring a new location to Survival, as well as a special Challenge Mission and reward for other game modes. Acquire unique rewards by completing gameplay objectives across modes. Each season, a new weapon or skin is up for grabs.”

Expert Says:

Expert Says:

Call of Duty expert Charlie Intel has pointed out that there are nine survival maps listed, out of which four are available, and the other five are still confidential. So probably Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have at least five more seasons.

Limited Period Offer:

This content is exclusive for a limited period. To be more specific, until October 1, 2020. After this, it will come to PC and Xbox One.

Sources: ComicBook, EuroGamer


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