Can Marvel Phase 4 Movies Keep Up With Old MCU’s Success?

The past decade saw the induction of characters into the MCU from fresh to phenomenal.

More precisely, the debut of Iron Man in the MCU marked the beginning of the franchise’s success in the years to come. And it has happened so well beyond comprehension that it has ended with a definitive storyline.

With MCU all set to dart for yet another phase of the franchise, will Phase 4 match the legacy left behind?

Does Phase 3’s success exert pressure over Phase 4?

MCU Phase 4 Movie Timeline
The timeline for all movie releases of Phase Four.

With all stakes considered, it is no surprise to assume that MCU’s Phase 4 movies are precariously placed. An apparent disadvantage is that the storyline ended perfectly with no traces of continuation. But the challenge MCU will face in keeping up with the audience is yet another challenge.  

Avengers: Endgame wrapped up all elongated cliffhangers about its previous movies, leaving no room for a continued storyline. With that major advantage off the table, Phase 4 will have to work its way in retaining more of its audience than ever before. 

To start over is to start right.

Kevin Feige at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Taking into account the emotional rollercoaster about the future of MCU, 2020 got worse with the outbreak of the pandemic virus – COVID-19. The whole world did not see it coming, let alone the entire global community of MCU. The timeline of Phase 4 movies revealed last year by Kevin Feige at the San Diego Comic-Con also seems distorted. 

Definitely not a good sign for Phase 4 movies, with almost all of its movies rescheduled. This could also mean that the theoretical timetable of MCU will move by another year or so.

What does the future hold for MCU?

What does the future hold for MCU?
Current global shutdown may substantially impact upcoming MCU releases

The first movie for Phase 4 is Black Widow slated for initial release on May 1, 2020. However, this was delayed indefinitely, affecting the two-year timetable set by MCU for its other movies. Those include – The Eternals, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Spiderman Homecoming 3, etc. 

With a future so bleak and brittle for MCU with Phase 4 movies, we’ll have to wait and see how fortune favours MCU. 

Source: comicbook, ScreenRant.

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