‘Can they get someone who can act?’: Dua Lipa Reportedly Playing Zatanna in DCEU, Fans Say She Probably Impressed Execs in Henry Cavill’s Argylle

Global pop artist and music sensation, Dua Lipa is reportedly in talks to make her DC Extended Universe debut as Zatanna Zatara, the Mistress of Magic herself.

Dua Lipa on stage
Dua Lipa

A fan update account for the Zatanna film, made a tweet on July 16 that Dua Lipa is in fact in talks about the role with Warner Bros.

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Emerald Fennel was named as Film’s Writer

Award winning director and filmmaker Emerald Fennel was named as the movie’s writer. The promising filmmaker previously commented on Zatanna‘s dark genre and comic book influences as “It’s something that we’ve been working on for a while.” She further continued and said ,”You want to get the first bit right, which is the script, before you think of anything else.” She even said that she is a very big genre fan, and is much fascinated by magic, witches and comics, so its an exciting project for her.

Emerald Fennel, Zatanna's film writer
Emerald Fennel, Zatanna’s film writer

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Fennel added that there are a lot of things about Zatanna that could be really interesting. Since Zatanna has a dark past and roots, Fennel said, “And it’ll be an opportunity to make something really quite dark. And that appealed to me, to make something big and scary. I love that stuff.

Zatanna Zatarra animated
Zatanna Zatara

Celebrities and Fans respond to the Rumors:

Artist Mickaël Journou responded to the rumor on the next day by making a poster and depicting the singer as the magician with a fan title Zatanna: Bloodspell.

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Most fans can’t wait to see Dua Lipa as Zatanna.

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While most of the fans had a good reaction to the rumor, some were not so happy with it.

Some fans have even said “Can they get someone who can act?” as Dua Lipa is not a professional actor. Some think that other actors might be a better fit for the role and said, “Did they forget Alexandra Daddario”?

These is no official release date of the Zatanna movie as of yet.

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