‘Can you make the nepotism any more obvious?’: Will And Jada Smith’s Daughter Willow Bags Lucrative SNL Performance Gig To Promote New Album ‘Coping Mechanism’

During Brendan Gleeson’s Saturday Night Live interview on October 8, Willow Smith brought a dash of metal defiance to her hard-rocking solo debut in her musical guest appearance and gave a smashing performance. Smith previously performed Psychofreak alongside Camila Cabello on an April episode of the long-running NBC series, but this was her first solo show. After an electrifying two-song performance, the 21-year-old put her guitar through a TV screen.

Despite this, speculation swirls around that Willow Smith enjoy an advantage because she is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Smith. In addition, fans are criticizing her solo debut performance at SNL as well as the opportunity. Her new album, Coping Mechanism, was performed live.

Willow Smith
Willow Smith

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Willow Smith Makes ‘SNL’ Debut For Her Latest Album

In a live performance on Saturday Night Live, Willow Smith showcased her hard-rocking solo debut. She performed Curious/Furious and Ur a Stranger from her recently released fifth studio album Coping Mechanism over the weekend.

Willow unleashed her inner rock star with her first song, Curious/Furious, closing the song with impressive guitar shredding. Later, she returned to perform the hard-hitting song Ur a Stranger before smashing her axe into a television.

Her first appearance on SNL was as Camila Cabello’s guest during season 47 when she and Cabello performed their collaboration Pyschofreak from Cabello’s latest solo record.

She spoke with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe ahead of her debut on SNL, 

“I’m honestly really, really surprised that I’m going to be on ‘SNL’ twice in one year, five months apart.” “That’s crazy. I’m really excited. I’m nervous obviously, because being with Camila [Cabello], a really, really good friend of mine. There’s that feeling of comfortability there where you can look across the stage and be like, ‘Girl, we’re in this together. We’re doing this.’ I’m not baring my soul alone on the stage.”

Smith added, “But now it’s going to be me baring my soul alone on the stage, and I’m just so grateful and so excited, but also s—ing my pants slightly.”

Willow released her fourth album Lately I Feel Everything in 2021.

Willow Smith’s SNL Live Performance: Fans’ Reactions

Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter
Jada smith says her daughter is her inspiration

Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, headlined the musical performance on October 8. She wore a bikini top under a leather jacket and leather pants to embrace her rock ‘n’ roll vibe. As part of her simple but bold glam, she accessorized with silver body chains and layered silver necklaces. Throughout the performance, Willow’s glowing complexion and black cat liner were front and center.

As she alternated between shouting and crooning, she captivated the audience. The first song Willow Smith performed on “SNL” was more muted but powerful.

Some fans, however, state that this performance is nothing more than a scream. Some people praise the singer’s performance, while others just try to put a different spin on reality.

An SNL fan tweeted, “Are the GI Jane jokes off-limits for the entire family?? I could not find mute fast enough on the second song. The screaming.. my God.”

Another fan tweeted, “That’s a hard pass for me on Raging Willow.”

Another fan tweeted, “Omg, just watched @nbcsnl – do yourself a favor and fast forward through the performances by @OfficialWillow, it was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen on #SNL made my ears bleed and I listen to old school metal.”

With a victorious caption, the singer shared a backstage photo on Instagram, “It’s called historybeingmade.com.”

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Does Willow Smith face the ‘Nepotism’ Label As Well?

Will Smith and Willow Smith
Will Smith and his daughter Willow Smith

In the wake of being the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Smith, it seems like all of her career efforts are going to be geared toward ‘Nepotism.’ It’s no secret that she is gaining fame after giving a live performance at Saturday Night Live, but on the other hand, she might also face allegations of nepotism.

After her smashing performance at the SNL, some people are trying to drag her into the “Nepotism” game.

One person tweeted after watching her performance, “An obvious example of you get to do whatever you want only because of #Nepotism. Good god.”

Then another tweeted, “That #willowsmith is the most untalented person I’ve ever seen. She is proof that if your parents are rich and famous, you can have a career in the entertainment industry even if you’re absolutely shit at what you do. The worst musical guest on #SNL since the last time she was on it!!”

It is no secret that Willow Smith has a famous family, which often puts her in the limelight. However, what do you think about her SNL live performance? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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