‘Candidacy Failed For A Reason’: Fans Call Caitlyn Jenner Hypocrite For Supporting Trans Swimmers Ban

Olympic gold medalist and reality television star Caitlyn Jenner wasted no time in voicing her opinion about the International Swimming Federation’s recent decision to not to allow transgender athletes to participate in swimming competitions. In this regard, she echoed that:

It worked! I took a lot of heat, but fair is fair! If you go through male puberty, you shouldn’t be able to take medals away from women. Period.

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Caitlyn Jenner on FINA’s decision
Caitlyn Jenner on FINA’s decision

We Have To Protect The Rights Of The Athletes – President Husain Al-Musallam

Last Sunday, the FINA held a meeting to discuss whether it should continue its practice of allowing transgender athletes in various competitions, and ultimately decided against it. The final result was 71.5% (in against). To this, FINA’s president, Husain Al-Musallam echoed that:

We have to protect the rights of our athletes to compete, but we also have to protect competitive equity in our events, especially in the women’s category in FINA competitions.

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Caitlyn Jenner is supporting FINA’s decision
Caitlyn Jenner is supporting FINA’s decision

Jenner also echoed –

We must protect women’s sports. We cannot bow to the world of the radical left and the politically charged radical agenda of identity politics.

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner

This Is How The Twitter Reacted

While some reacted positively, others were quite the opposite of it –

The Ones Who Responded Negatively

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The Ones Who Responded Positively

With all being said, Jenner, at last, wrote that –

Thank you @seanhannity and @HeyTammyBruce for having a conversation based on common sense. All we want to do is protect women’s and girls’ sports! It’s that simple. And denouncing the slanderous and defamatory lies of @PinkNews and @[email protected]

She totally agrees that it is simply not fair and people like her and the federation are responsible to protect girls’ and women’s positions in the space. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.

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