MCU’s Captain America is the closest one can come to perfection. But Chris Evans, who plays Captain America is only human after all. Even though this man is the closest one can come to becoming like Captain America in real life, but even Evans slips up.

Chris Evans And His F-Bomb

Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans at ACE Comic con. Pic courtesy:
Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans at ACE Comic con. Pic courtesy:

During a panel at ACE Comic Con in Seattle, Chris Evans was present with Don Cheadle and Jeremy Renner. The trio began talking about their favourite fight scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Evans got a little bit too excited early on when he was explaining a scene between Renner and Scarlett Johansson. There he let an f-bomb slip before a packed house.

Here’s what he exactly said:

“Renner’s gonna say, you and ScarJo, that was f***ing…”

He said this before he caught what just came out his mouth.

Cheadle noticed a child in the front row and pointed the kid out before jokingly storming off stage. Cheadle exclaimed- “There’s a child right here! This is insane! I’m out of here.”

In a matter of seconds, the crowd cheered loud enough to convince both Cheadle and Renner to rejoin their friend on stage. They stayed and finished answering about 10 more minutes worth of questions from anxious fans waiting in line.

Chris Evans Talks About The Life Changing Role Of Captain America

Chris Evans talks Captain America. Pic courtesy: screen
Chris Evans talks Captain America. Pic courtesy:

Earlier in the panel, Evans did admit that turning down the role of Steve Rogers/ Captain America would have been the biggest mistake of his life. Many might not know that he didn’t initially want the part. After that he said:

“Moving forward after playing a role that means so much to me, I think any actor- even when I took this role in the beginning there’s no denying that you play this kind of narrative in your head of being like, ‘Well, am I gonna be somehow pigeonholed with this character?’ And in a way, along the last ten years, you can’t help but accept the fact that when you walk the streets, everyone’s like, ‘Cap!'”

Captain America’s storyline is technically over. But no one would mind seeing him in a cameo again at the very least. Although a tvseries exploring his and Peggy Carter’s adventures in the alternate timeline would be great as well. Just putting the idea out in case Kevin Feige is reading this article.

Avengers: Endgame has returned to theatres for a second theatrical release. It is playing in theatres now. Spider-Man: Far From Home is also currently in theatres.

But is Captain America really perfect? See the video to know more before you decide

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