Captain America Didn't Make the Same Mistake As Thor In Endgame

Fans are yet to recover from the emotional ending of Avengers: Endgame. However, this doesn’t stop them from analyzing the plot or from making fan theories. After all, it’s hard to forget the Avengers. One such analysis by a fan( via Reddit) points out that in the Endgame, Cap tried to correct one of Thor’s biggest mistakes even though unsuccessful.

” You Should Have Aimed For The Head”

" You Should Have Aimed For The Head"
Avengers Infinity War

While the other heroes were trying to prevent Thanos(Josh Brolin) from getting hold of the Infinity Stones, Thor(Chris Hemsworth) was away to find the Stormbreaker. He was working along with Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot(Vin Diesel) to find the weapon with the potential to destroy the Mad Titan. Finally, when he returns to earth just in time to strike Thanos, he makes the mistake of striking him in his heart. This doesn’t kill the villain immediately. And Thanos says, ” You should have aimed for the head” before snapping his finger reducing the population to half before Thor could correct his mistake.

Cap Could have Changed the Destiny of Avengers

Cap Could have Changed the Destiny of Avengers
Captain America in Endgame

A fan on Reddit pointed out that in Endgame, Captain America (Chris Evans) took a different approach while fighting Thanos. Unlike Thor, Captain America struck Thanos several times in his head with the Mjolnir and his shield. He was successful enough to make his opponent to become defensive and to remove his helmet. But his attacks were insufficient to take down Thanos. However, Endgame would have taken a different turn if Thor had passed the Stormbreaker to Cap.

The Use of Strategy by Steve

The Use of Strategy by Steve
Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America

Steve Roger does not defeat his opponents with just brute force. Unlike the other heroes of MCU, he uses strategy and tactics to tackle his opponents. He uses not only his shield but also knowledge to fight the villains. Maybe, the reason for this might be his military background. Anyway he is one of the strongest characters in MCU and we can’t get enough of him.

I just realized that Captain America always aimed for the head when fighting Thanos, and made enough damage to force Thanos to take his helmet off. from marvelstudios

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