10 Captain America Fan Arts That Are Not Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers will always be the first Captain America. He will always be the one true Super Soldier. But that should not stop fan artists from drumming up excuses to imagine newer characters in the role.

Captain America is not just about one person. It is a symbol, a mantle of hope if you will. Any person worthy enough of filling up those huge shoes should be given an opportunity.

The red, white, and blue costume has been imagined being donned by Falcon, the Winter Soldier, US Agent, and many more comic book characters from Marvel Comics.

Here are our best picks of the lot.

Bucky Captain America – Ivan Dedov

This version of Captain America looks grounded and gritty. Bucky Barnes has long been a fan favorite of the masses. Many would want him to take one the role of the Super Soldier. Here’s how he would look like.

Bucky Cap – Shouldering the Legacy – anklesnocks

Who better to carry Captain America’s legacy forward tan his truest and bestest pal? Bucky Barnes is the perfect choice to play the role of Captain America because he has been around with him the longest.

Bucky Cap – Welcome the Shield – Daton Barrett

Captain America’s shield is his most signature weapon. With the birth of a new Captain America, we need a new Shield for a new generation.

American Falcon – ehnony

If Sam Wilson takes on the role, that sure would be a different take on the Super Soldier. Considering his wings are his trademark, the red, white, and blue look good on them already.

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Falcon Captain America – Roman Kondratenko

Minimalists believe in the notion of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication. This artwork by Roman Kondratenko just about sums it up.

Falcon Cap – Luiz De Gino

Since Sam will be a sitting duck up in the sky, adding in a little bit more armor into his suit makes much more sense.

Fal-Cap – mrfuzzynutz

Looks weirdly cartoonish but in a good way, don’t you think?

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John Walker – Erick Castro

Who here thinks the US Agent should be the next Captain America? We know we do!!

Isaiah Bradley – Victor Newman

The forgotten hero returns to take his rightful place.

Roberta Mendez and Sharon Rogers – WolfBlade111

This sure is a very unique take on Captain America.


Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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