Captain America Gets A Shoutout For Being Heroic Right In The First Episode Of “Jessica Jones” Season 3

Just a few minutes into season three and Jessica Jones has already name-dropped a major Avenger!

The wait is over as the final season 3 of Jessica Jones has finally hit Netflix and the show didn’t waste any time in name-dropping one of the main Avengers! In the opening moments of Jessica Jones Season 3, Captain America (Chris Evans) is the hero who gets first mentioned.

Captain America gets name-dropped in Jessica Jones Season 3
Captain America gets name-dropped in Jessica Jones Season 3

Tread Carefully, Spoilers For Jessica Jones Season 3 Ahead

When Did Captain America Get Name Dropped In Jessica Jones Season 3?

Right during the first episode itself of the Season 3, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is hired by a mother hoping to get her child back from her estranged husband. As it turns out, the child didn’t have any issue staying with her father, probably because they were vacationing on a tropical island- and is upset that Jessica brought her back to the city. Thinking that Jessica was a superhero, the little girl yells out:

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“Aren’t superheroes supposed to save people? Captain America would never have done this!”

At the end, it’s another way to remind fans and, for fans to acknowledge themselves that this whole universe is connected.

What Is Jessica Jones Season 3 About?

Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg spoke to, and the writer mentioned that the third season was always meant to wrap up the story arcs which unfolded in seasons one and two. She said:

“I really look at season three as a complete arc and story. So season three is very much the next step for Jessica. If season one and two were about her digging into her past and facing her demons and looking inwardly and backward, this season is about her now moving forward and finding her place in the world, finding her contribution to the world, and if she even has one.”

Rosenberg further said that:

“We left season two off with her mother seeing in her that she has the potential of a hero and saying a hero is someone who gives a shit and does something about it. Season three is about Jessica doing something about it and trying to live into her mother’s quote for her.”

With the premiere of Jessica Jones Season Three, the partnership between Marvel and Netflix has come to an end, atleast for now as Disney is removing content from other platforms since they are introducing Disney+

You can find all three seasons of Jessica Jones on Netflix.

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