In their latest check out notable magazine quotes, CSBG spotlights Captain America’s bold reaction when he first met the Avengers. In “To Quote a Phrase,” here are the spotlights of the memorable quotes from comic books.cap


 captain america comic book #4 pictures
A page from the last edition

First off, as a fast recap, the Avengers fought against the Hulk and Namor in Avengers #3.

In Avengers #4, hulk stumbles upon an Inuit tribe worshiping a person frozen in ice and Namor, being a touch of a stupid, decides to go away the “idol” into the water, where it dissipates. The Avengers discover a person floating within the water and take him into their sub and already, we’re stepping into some choice quotes.


captain america comic book #4 pictures
Captain America #4

As cool as those bits are, the simplest a part of the difficulty is what happens next, as Captain America awakens from physiological state thinking no time has passed, so he essentially relives watching his ally and partner explode ahead of his eyes. Cap then freaks out, quickly calms himself down, grabs his shield and mask and basically gets good to travel.

And that, then, results in the pick for THE quote, because the other Avengers are like, go like questioning him about he being the captain America. and therefore the person, who JUST awakened AFTER TWENTY YEARS and had to only relive the death of his ally, calming notes to check him and conquer him.


 captain america comic book #4 pictures
Captain America comic 1974

Even his weird statements are unusual. Of course, once they’re sure he’s Cap, he then tells them the story of how he got there and by the top of the difficulty, Cap may be an Avenger (not before Iron Man is a little bit of a rude to him, of course, because the Avengers spend much of their early years just being rude to every other).

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