Chris Evans Warns Fans Of Imposter Asking For Money In His Name

The internet is home to a number of fraudsters and imposters. One of these people is misusing Chris Evan’s name and image to fraudulently collect money from the devout fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Star.


Christopher Robert Evans



Christopher Robert Evans is an American actor. He has won millions of hearts all across the globe with his stupendous acting.  He is famous for his superhero roles in the blockbuster movies like The Avengers: the Captain America and Fantastic Four: the Human Torch. Evans has also appeared in films like ‘Sunshine’, ‘Cellular’ and ‘Before We Go’. Unfortunately,  at present, he is the subject of an online sham.


Chris Evans used the social media platform Twitter to reach out to the audience and inform them about the imposture. The actor said that he would never resort to this. The people getting monetary requests in the name of Chris Evans should act with discretion as this is a hoax. Evans, in a tweet, asked his fans to be cautious of anyone reaching out to them on his behalf. A bank account is claiming to be Chris Evan’s account. The imposter is asking fans to assist him financially. Practically, Evans would not need monetary help for any reason.



Evans Clarifying Fake Tweet


This is the second time that Evans has faced an online artifice. In August 2019, when the number neighbour phenomenon was hyped, one account claimed to be contacted by Chris Evans. A post included screenshots of a text conversation between them and their number neighbour, who portrayed himself as “America’s Ass”. In the end, he asked the user to FaceTime him. The picture of the conversation was accompanied by images of Evans speaking on FaceTime. The tweet quickly went viral. As a consequence, he tweeted, stating that it was fake.


Source- Comicbook, Facebook






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