There are some comic weapons which are known to everyone even if they aren’t avid comic readers. Two of the most famous among them is definitely Captain America’s Shield and Wolverine’s Claws. Both of them are integral to the origin of the characters and a part of what makes them a hero. But one question remains- If these two weapons clash, which weapon would emerge superior?

Captain America Vs Wolverine Comics Clash Results

Captain America and Wolverine clash in Avengers vs X-Men. Pic courtesy:

Wolverine’s Adamantium skeleton covers his whole body. This unbreakable metal does make him susceptible to Magento but it otherwise makes him one of the toughest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. On the other hand the metal which makes up Captain America’s shield is generally known as Vibranium. But in the original comic, Cap’s shield is said to possess a small amount of the Wakandan metal as part of its overall “proto-adamantium.” Scientists tried to replicate the metal alloy and they did succeed in doing so. This gave them the less refined ‘true’ adamantium used with Wolverine, which still is a formiable metal with unbelievable strength.

In Avengers vs X-Men #3 written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by John Romita Jr, the two heavyweights of Marvel Comics came to blows. There, Wolverine’s claws clashed against the stars and stripes of Captain America’s shield. But Captain America’s Proto-Adamantium shield was left unscathed by Wolverine’s claws. This is something which happens in most comic cases.

What Would Happen If MCU’s Captain America Clashed With Fox’s Wolverine?

One can certainly expect that a clash between captain america and wolverine will go down differently in the movie universe. Pic courtesy:

The MCU and X-Men Universe versions would probably have a different kind of battle result. Fans can understand why “proto-adamantium” doesn’t exist in the Marvel Universe. It is due to licensing issues with 20th Century Fox. But; without altering the continuities, if Fox’s Wolverine and Marvel’s Captain America were to come to blows then the claws would claim the shield. This is because while Vibranium can absorb Kinetic energy but it isn’t indestructible, as seen by Thanos destroying the shield in Endgame.

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But with the acquisition of the X-Men, this result could very well change in the MCU. Although with Captain America retiring in another timeline this legendary match might not happen after all.

If you want to see a more detailed analysis of who would win in a Captain America vs Wolverine battle scenario, then click on the video below:

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