The Captain Marvel trailer dropped in last week and has excited many fans ever since. This excitement isn’t just because it shows a badass Brie Larson showing off her superpowers, but because this will be the first MCU film ventured around a woman.

However, the trailer also gave birth to many sexist trolls. Many male social media users trolled her performance, calling it “wooden”, even claiming that she ought to “smile more”– a very common form of harassment that tends to objectify women by implying that their appearance and emotions are ought to be controlled as they’re for the pleasure of others.

One user even went on to Photoshop a smile onto her face on the promotional images and posters of the film.

However, Larson responded with a story on Instagram featuring Marvel Posters with a smile photoshopped onto the male heroes, humorously hinting at the hypocrisy of her sexist critics.

At the end of the day, Captain Marvel is a fighter pilot who spends her time fighting shape-shifting aliens and she doesn’t have time for anyone asking her to smile.

Captain Marvel will hit the theatres in March, next year.

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