The fans of the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe were introduced to the many pieces of Marvel’s massive cosmic world by Captain Marvel. There were Skrulls, Kree and the Kree Homeworld of Hala. One cut of the movie involved the Supreme Intelligence, overlord of all things Kree.

Deleted Scene

Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers fighting the Real Supreme Intelligence

The scene was not released in the movie but was released by Disney via Infinity Saga boxset. This deleted scene showcased Carol Danvers taking on the comic-accurate version of the Supreme Intelligence.Danvers rips out the power device and blasts the Mar-Vell avatar into a pool of water, from where the big green head rises from.

Original Scene

Original Movie
The scenes deleted from movie

Although, in the theatrical release, Danvers fight the Supreme Intelligence’s avatar. It takes form of the Mar-Vell, before the Avengers rip out her power device. While in the deleted scene, the huge green Supreme Intelligence head was supposed to surface out of pool of water which was located within the computer software Kree use to convene with their leader.

Andy Nicholson on the scene

Andy Nicholson
The Production Designer of Captain Marvel

Last Summer, Andy Nicholson, production designer of Captain Marvel said that it was a matter of not wanting to shoehorn in a massive piece of the Kree mythos, both mythically and physically, at the last possible second. “It came and went,” Nicholson spoke about the inclusion of the “real” Supreme Intelligence. “As an idea, it was never rejected. At one stage, it was part of the movie. I’m not the person to say whether or not that will eventually come back in but it was part of it.”

Watch the deleted scene below

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