‘Captain Marvel’: Official Site Finally Reveals Jude Law’s Secret Role

Marvel Studios and Disney may have accidentally ruined one of the greatest (non-)mysteries of the forthcoming Captain Marvel film as the movie’s authentic site has quite recently dropped affirmation that Jude Law is in certainty playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation of exemplary Marvel Comics character, Mar-Vell!

Investigate this photo caption on Jude Law’s character picture from the official Captain Marvel site:

So there you have it: “Jude Law as Mar-Vell, the leader of Starforce.” With that one line, we end up in a circumstance fundamentally the same as when Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch showed up in the Star Trek reboot, Star Trek Into Darkness. When Cumberbatch was cast, fans started to theorise that he was playing franchise icon Khan Noonien Singh; the studio, cast, and director J.J. Abrams, all denied it, however when the film was released, Cumberbatch was in reality, Khan.

It was induced that an actor of Jude Law’s calibre was being looked for a role as large and notorious as Mar-Vell, but Marvel Studios played demure, if not denying the casting. Nonetheless, the issue got dropped when a line of Captain Marvel toys appeared to affirm that Law was playing “Yonn Rogg,” a Kree commander who was an opponent for Mar-Vell in the comics.

In any case, the primary Captain Marvel trailer made space for a hypothesis that Mar-Vell without a doubt fits into the film.

In Marvel Comics legend, Carol Danvers gets her powers from Dr Walter Lawson, who is, in reality, a Kree spy Mar-Vell in a mask. Carol is almost murdered when a Kree gadget called a “Psyche Magnetron” detonates close to her, but Mar-Vell saves her. The blast combines Carol and Mar-Vell into a human-Kree, making her “Ms. Marvel” In the film trailer, we see Carol Danvers guiding a jet after an alien craft, which leads to her first experience with the Kree and Skrulls. Amid that experience we see some sort of a blast that creates enough energy that hits Carol, converting her into a Kree/human hybrid of massive power (as shown by green blood spilling out of her nose).

Recollecting the comics, it wouldn’t be an astonishment if Law’s Mar-Vell were the Kree race’s champion who is debilitated by a Skrull device refuting his powers. That device could erroneously exchange the cosmic powers of Mar-Vell into Carol; it would likewise clarify why Law turns into Carol’s instructor and teacher: to keep her close and utilize her appropriately as a weapon, while maybe searching for a way to switch the procedure.

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