Captain Marvel’s Learning Magic Because She Wants To Diss Doctor Strange

Recently, Captain Marvel has been on a quest to learn the mystic arts. Her adventure in Captain marvel 329 puts her directly against the Enchantress, a Thor villain known for her magical prowess. And despite all her attempts, the Enchantress refuses to be Carol Danvers’ mentor. That is up until Carol mentions Doctor Strange. The Enchantress agrees to teach her magic and sorcery but under one condition.

Carol Danvers needs to diss Doctor Strange with her new magical talents.

Does Carol have a choice? Captain Marvel is literally in a race against time. The villainous Ove, the future son of the Enchantress and Namor, has jumped to the present timeline from the future. In Ove’s original timeline, as witnessed by Captain Marvel, Ove kills all the other Avengers and turns Earth into a wasteland. Carol is in desperate need of a magical mentor that can teach her how to cast spells – her one true weakness. Captain Marvel has reached out to many superheroes from Doctor Strange to Scarlet Witch and Nico Minoru.

All of them refused because magic is Captain Marvel’s only known weakness. If she learns to master it, Captain Marvel would end up becoming unstoppable. But all Carol ever wants to do is learn magic so that she could stop Ove’s future timeline from becoming reality.

A new preview of Captain Marvel 329 has just arrived, courtesy of Multiversity Comics. The preview shows us Captain Marvel and the Enchantress having a team time conversation. There carol Danvers reveals her intentions. She wants the Enchantress to teach her magic. To that, the Enchantress bursts out laughing. The villain asks why would she ever do that. Carol replies with one simple statement “Because Doctor Strange doesn’t want you to.” This statement alone gets the Enchantress’ undivided attention.

Will The Enchantress Agree?!?!

The Enchantress may be a Thor villain. But she has also crossed paths with Doctor Strange lots of times. And Carol even sweetens the deal more. She says that in return for the Enchantress’ help, Captain Marvel will put in a good word for  her with Thor. The Enchantress is in love with Thor and she would do anything to gain the God of Thunder’s attention. Besides, Carol Danvers points out that the Enchantress never played by the rules and she would love to help captain Marvel diss an Avenger.

Carol reveals the enemy she is fighting knows both Asgardian and Atlantean sorcery. This does hint at the Enchantress somehow being involved in the origins for this new arcane enemy. The Enchantress agrees.

Little does she know the Enchantress is about to give Captain Marvel the means to fight her own future son.

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