Cardi B Felt Like A Teen When She Met Robert Pattinson

Cardi B recently admitted that she “felt like a teen” when she met Twilight actor Robert Pattinson at an event. The WAP singer makes her cinematic debut alongside fellow musician J-Lo in Hustlers. The Grammy Award winner starred as Leysa, Dom Torreto’s old acquaintance, in Fast & Furious 9 earlier this year. She’ll also appear in the franchise’s tenth edition, which will be released in 2023.

Cardi B
Cardi B – Robert Pattinson

Pattinson is presently preparing for the debut of Matt Reeves’ new version of the caped crusader, The Batman. Despite having a distinguished career that includes a number of memorable performances, Pattinson’s name has been synonymous with the Twilight franchise, which is widely acknowledged as the impetus for his meteoric ascent to popularity. Pattinson played Edward Cullen in the young-adult vampire series, which became a true pop-culture icon thanks to its rabid fanbase. Now it appears that one of those admirers may be a Grammy winner.

Looks Like Cardi Was Probably Part Of The Mania That Surrounded The Twilight Sagas

Cardi B shared a video of her meeting the Twilight star at an event on Twitter. Initially filming just herself, the actress exclaims,  “Come on look at my friend, guys” before rotating the camera to see Pattinson. The actor flashes a large grin at the camera as he greets Cardi before the rapper lets out a scream of delight towards her new acquaintance. Fans felt the combo was humorous and surprising, and the video immediately gained a lot of likes. Take a look at Cardi’s post down below.

Cardi remarked in the captions that seeing Pattinson made her “feel like a teen!.” The first Twilight picture was released in 2008, so Cardi would have been a teenager at the time the franchise was at its zenith, so it’s safe to assume she was a part of the craze that surrounded the flicks. Over the years, Pattinson has made numerous jokes about his role in the Twilight films, with the actor’s apparent distaste for the flicks spawning its own meme.

During their meeting, however, it appears that the celebrity was more than eager to satisfy Cardi’s adoration of his renowned character. This new connection between Cardi and Pattinson is extremely sweet, and now that the rapper is branching out into acting, fans may expect to see the two on the big screen together in the future.

Source – Cardi B / Twitter

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