Carrie Kelly: Batman’s future sidekick!

The character of Robin is just as famous as The Batman. The role has various dimensions to it. Be it the Batman franchise or the Teen Titans franchise; Robin never fails to impress. Over the timelines, Robin has evolved into a mature and responsible person. Starting from the circus where his parents died, the trapeze artist made a separate corner for himself in the hearts of the DC comic fans when it was introduced back in the days. When Bruce Wayne took over his life, it changed completely. He started to learn the tricks of the trade and and was found with the Bat in all his adventures. There are instances where Robin has guarded Gotham in place of the Dark Knight. The character has developed by many folds, and the last mantle for Robin has been taken over by Carrie Kelly. We have seen many Robins in the past, and their strength and weakness differentiated each one. Kelly is one of the most famous Robins in the character’s 80-year old history, and more importantly, she has not suited up yet for the DCEU.

Who is Carrie Kelly?

Kelly as the Robin has been well appreciated by the DC Comic fan base

Kelly is bound to become the Robin, no matter in which timeline she prefers. DC has teased her debut several times in the official DC universe and has well presented the fact that Kelly has the potential to inherit the Dark Knight’s legacy. Carrie Kelly’s character as the Robin was first introduced in The Dark Knight Returns, which was a miniseries. The writers Frank Miller and Klaus Janson were trying out something unique. In their world, Kelly belongs to such a version of Gotham, which has not seen Batman in the last ten years. When Wayne comes out of his seclusion, he sees that Gotham his worse than ever, and he resumes his role as the Dark Knight. One of the many children he saves is Kelly, who is the daughter of poor stoners. Inspired by Wayne, Kelly makes her own Robin costume and goes on an arduous journey of fighting criminals.

The Adventures of The Bat and Kelly begins

An artists’s impression shows Kelly who is most probably going to inherit the legacy of the Bat

Kelly follows Batman to a dump where he is up for a fight with the Mutants. Kelly plays her part as the Robin when she saves Batman’s lives while the leader of the Mutants is dominating him. Batman takes her with him as his sidekick and later on the duo face the Bat’s arch-nemesis The Joker. She fights alongside the Batman till his duel with the Superman, where Wayne nearly perishes and vanishes out of the scene with his remaining allies.

Kelly as the Catgirl, Barbara as the Batgirl

Kelly has been a prominent character in the new age of DC Comics

Kelly also has a presence in The Dark Knight Returns, which pilots with The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Frank Miller again writes the storyline. The one exciting feature of the plot is that Kelly is not known as Robin anymore but as Catgirl. She has transformed into a better fighter and fights against the insane version of Dick Grayson, who we all know is the first Robin. She has also made an appearance in the Ame-Comi girls version of the DC Universe. This version had Barbara Gordon has Batgirl, and Kelley played the character of Robin. She also ends up working with the other heroes of the timeline when Duela Dent, the Joker, kidnaps Batgirl.

Kelley also has active participation in the recent timelines. She exists in the current DC Universe. After the events of the Flashpoint, she was found befriending Damien Wayne. After Damien’s death, Bruce meets with Kelley, where she is dressed up as the Robin at her college function. So, it looks like DC is building her entry up!

While DC introduces Kelly as the Robin, here’s some nostalgia:

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