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Catwoman Steals the Purrfect Wedding Dress- Batman 44(spoilers)


We’re are only a few months away from *ding ding ding* the wedding of the century!

It’s Batman and Catwoman! *Dun dun dun*

And you know what that means! SHOPPING!

(if you’re a guy you probably don’t know what that means but girls are pumped up because SHOPPING!)


So let me ask you some questions.

Me: what comes to your mind when someone says SHOPPING?!

you: ….umm…cereal and fortune cookies?

Me: blah! No. Try again

You: new game of walking dead, coke and chicken nuggets?

Ah, you’re hopeless. When it comes to shopping for the wedding of the century (don’t make me repeat who’s wedding it is, Paul!) One thing comes to mind. Dresses!

And while we’re getting ready with out gowns and suits, shoes and high heels, so is Selina Kyle!

So a few hours ago, Selina went out to pick the perfect dress for her upcoming wedding, and it looks great. (Only people with actual taste can agree, not sorry)

She swan through the sewers, blew a hole in the shop, took off her dirty clothes, drank a drink from the shops mini fridge and stole the puuurrrfect dress.

She broke in at 3:58 and left with her puuurfect dress by 7:30 and now the puuurfect dress (we get it) is hanging in her closet while she sleeps peacefully after a few hours of tiring and expensive shopping.

A28,000$ dress, a vigilante husband, a faithful Butler, a few dozen Robins and Bat who come in all shapes and sizes. What more can a girl ask for?

Now, who’s ready to steal shop their dresses for the wedding on July 14 ??.

Let’s get ready gang, we’ve got a wedding to blow up!……(or is that Jokers part?)