Celebrities Then vs. Now: How Your Favorite Celebs Looked Like In The Nineties

Do you believe time travel is possible? Scientists and Theoretical Physicists from all over the globe would say no. But for an artist, time is a fleeting little thing. It’s a muse, a mold even. And with the tools of imagination, they can shape it the way they want it to look. A particular artist has taken this concept to the literal level. Artist Ard Gelinck gives us a closer look at our favorite celebrities as they battled through the wars of time. It is true what they say – Time and Tide truly wait for none. But in these pictures, you will find that they just might. So without further ado, let us present to you Gelinck’s timeless pieces of work.

Brace yourselves. You would be feeling way too much nostalgia after seeing the pictures.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has come a long way since he made a short but memorable appearance in Thelma and Louise. The entire industry owes a lot to Pitt’s quintessential roles as Hollywood’s greatest bad boy. Be it 12 Monkeys or Fight Club, Pitt delivered splendidly every time ha made an appearance on camera. Fast forward to a few decades and Brad Pitt is still going strong. He has aged gracefully, the wrinkles of time now adorning his face like a stack of pearls. Pitt is truly a work of art and this pictures just about sums it up.

Emma Watson

She is the world’s greatest crush. We better know her as the arrogant but sweet know-it-all Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter movies. Who would have thought a young girl with such a grumpy hairstyle would go on to one day lead the feminist wave? Emma Watson has diversified her role in Hollywood. She is no longer just an actor. She is an activist, a UN Ambassador, and a role model for many. We all want to be Emma Watson. But there could only be one.

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Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc had a humble beginning. When he was first given the role of Joey Tribbiani, LeBlanc bought himself a hot meal with his first paycheck. He began his life an an actor from the very grassroots level. He started with nothing. Look where he is now. An internet sensation and a household phenomenon, Matt LeBlanc is a true rags to riches success story. Oh and now, Joey does share food. LeBlanc is known to be prolific philanthropist and activist. Watch LeBlanc at his best in Man With A Plan.

Jennifer Anniston

Is Jennifer Aniston a Vampire? We think she just might be. Look at her. She has not aged even a bit. Who can do that for crying out loud?!?! Jennifer Anniston was once associated with Brad Pitt. She is now a self-made woman. One of the richest and most influential women in all of Hollywood, Anniston still rocks it at the age of 51. That is while the rest of the younger folks between the age of 201-27 still struggle to maintain their fitness levels. Anniston has set a benchmark most of us will never even hold a candle to.

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Elton John

There could only be one. Elton John is the revolutionary singer who changed the very face of the music industry. An openly gay man, Elton John does not like adhering to conventional social standards. Look at his fashion choices back then. Look at him now. He stood a class apart then and he certainly makes a unique fashion statement now. There’s no stopping this man.

George Clooney

He may not be the actor he used to be, but Clooney is still an acting force to be reckoned with. He was a boy toy back then. He has aged like fine wine. Now full of panache and grace, George Clooney went from milk chocolate to bittersweet dark chocolate. Not that we are complaining though.

John Travolta

This list would not have ben complete without a legendary actor like John Travolta. He has kept us amazed with his looks and acting skills since time immemorial. Be it 1980’s Urban cowboy or 1994’s Pulp Fiction, there’s a fan-favorite Travolta movie for every era. Actors like Travolta do not fall out of fashion ever. Just take a look at the picture again and you will know what we mean. Who could say no to that!!

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Sylvester Stallone

John Rambo in the house, ladies and gentlemen!! Stallone is the Italian Stallion. He has created and starred in blockbuster movie franchises like the Rocky and the Rambo series. The action star from the Eighties and the Nineties looked so buff back then we believe he could punch the armor off of a battle tank. Look at him now. It’s like the guy just leveled up so much we are pretty sure he no longer needs to lift a finger. He can do it with a mere whisper.

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