Celebs That Have Been Accused of Being Hollywood’s Most Venomous Gold Diggers

Hollywood is full of gold diggers. Some celebs do it for love, but the vast majority are doing it for cash. You’d think this would lead to many marriage scandals, but there have only been a handful of celebrity divorces because most rich people sign premarital agreements to protect their assets. There is plenty of evidence, though, that Hollywood loves nothing better than a good money divorce. That being said, here’s a list of celebs that have been accused of being Hollywood’s most venomous gold diggers –

Hollywood’s Most Venomous Gold Digger: Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was just 24 years old when she met 87-year-old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. After the two were married in a whirlwind 13 months later, the pair went on to win nearly $465 million after Howard passed away leaving everything to Anna who has never managed to use most of her inheritance and is still known as one of America’s richest people today.

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Hollywood's Most Venomous Gold Digger
Anna Nicole Smith

Hollywood’s Most Venomous Gold Digger: Oksana Grigorieva

After meeting on the set of a movie, Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva seemingly got married and welcomed a beautiful little baby girl into the world. Sadly, their time together was rather short-lived as they would later file for divorce and have an additional child together. Mel Gibson could not be reached for comment about his ex-wife’s claims but sources say he did utter some pretty awful threats. She earned around $250,000 as a part of their separation.

Hollywood's Most Venomous Gold Digger
Oksana Grigorieva

Hollywood’s Most Venomous Gold Digger: Kimora Lee Simons

Gold digger or fashion designer? The jury is still out on Kimora Lee Simmons. After marrying Russell Simmons in 1998, she took over one of his companies, Phat Farm, and eventually ended up divorced. Even though she didn’t take all of his fortunes she still ran with it and started her own show that followed the creation of her very own fashion brand, Baby Phat.

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Hollywood's Most Venomous Gold Digger
Kimora Lee Simmons

Hollywood’s Most Venomous Gold Digger: Amber Rose

Amber Rose made the headlines when she got together with Kanye West. Everyone thought he had written his song ‘Gold Digger’ about her and was cut pretty deep when they broke up. Shortly after she started seeing another rapper Wiz Khalifa and got pregnant too soon for her to not be considered a gold digger, though it seems that these two are happy together, Amber Rose just can’t seem to shake her reputation of being someone who simply dates rich men for their money.

Hollywood's Most Venomous Gold Digger Amber Rose
Amber Rose

Hollywood’s Most Venomous Gold Digger: Ivana Trump

Ivana grew to become infamous after she married Donald Trump. This would propel her and her family into another realm of status and power which would grant them monetary gains. The marriage was not to last long, however; the couple divorced in 1992. Following this separation, Donald’s ex-wife, Ivana received $20,000 from their settlement and a mansion worth $14 million in Connecticut for herself.

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Hollywood's Most Venomous Gold Digger
Ivana Trump
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