Celebs Who Must Realize They Aren’t Famous Anymore And Should Stop Making A Fuss

Hollywood celebs at times find fame very quickly and then end up being an ego booster for them. Of course, that is human nature and we don’t entirely blame them. But sometimes, they surely do let this fame get in their heads and think they might end up with more glory and stuff. However, things certainly don’t go that way right?

Even though most of these celebs have got some amazing stardom at a certain point, you can’t always be successful. And the sooner you realize, the better it is. Here are some celebs who should realize they are no longer famous and really stop throwing tantrums around!

1. Lindsay Lohan

Celebs who are no longer famous
 Lindsay Lohan needs to blame herself for losing famous

She found fame at a very young age when she starred in The Parent Trap as a child actress. She then featured in films such as Freaky Friday and Mean Girls which made her very famous in the 2000s. But then due to her substance abuse and theft, producers stopped working with her.

2. Nicolas Cage

Celebs who are no longer famous
Nicholas Cage used to be a cult classic movies face

There’s no doubt that Nicholas Cage has had an amazing career and has even been in films like National Treasure and Face/Off that have gone on to become cult classics. And also his Ghost Rider had quite a lot of fans. He has to blame himself for his career going down, thanks to his behavior. People just don’t prefer seeing his films now, but we will surely share his memes.

3. Billy Ray Cyrus

Celebs who lost their fame
Bill Ray is no longer famous now

His “Achy Breaky Heart” was a massive hit in the 90s and even became his most loved song. He was then well known for coming on the series Hannah Montana with his daughter Miley Cyrus on Disney.

And of course, no one paid much attention to him post-Miley’s success and antics once Hannah Montana was over. It’s okay Billy we don’t really miss you.

4. The Olsen Twins

Celebs who quit acting and lost fame
The Olsen Twins used to be everyone’s favorites

Just like Lindsay, Mary-Kate and Ashley too gained popularity when they were kids. They came on the late 80’s show Full House and charmed the entire country. They later had their own fan club. They later refused to be a part of a spinoff Fuller House and that disappointed fans. But their sister is definitely killing it as Marvel’s Wanda.

5. Ashely Greene

Celebs who had one hit and then stopped being famous
 Ashley Greene is no longer famous after Twilight

She became popular after playing Alice Cullen in the Twilight series. And she even went on to act in films, but not all of us have heard about her films. That explains a lot.

6. J.K.Rowling

Celebs who are no longer famous
 JK Rowling lost her fans after controversial tweets

Everyone thought that Rowling was a saint and would never do anything stupid or controversial. But then in June 2020, she tweeted, “‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?'”

People just found her to be transphobic and since then people including hardcore Potterheads, have just stopped giving a damn about what she thinks or says. No one asked for her bad opinions and she needs to probably cut it out. Hopefully, fans can still love Harry Potter while hating the author.

7. Ellen DeGeneres

Celebs who are not famous anymore

She has her own set of fans, but many would agree with her being on this list. She is well known for her TV show where she features many celebs and even roasts them. She even gives away money, gifts, and vouchers to the audience. While it seems so great, it’s not. In July 2020, articles were released that alleged Ellen was actually a toxic workplace. Even celebs voiced their opinion about this and a trans makeup artist confirmed this later. Her fame went down the hill post this. She still tries her best to remain relevant.

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