‘Certainly Not Pregnant With “R. Kelly’s” Child’: Disgraced Musician’s Lawyer Denies Fiance Joycelyn Savage’s Claims, Hints She’s Using R. Kelly’s Name To Grab Fame

R. Kelly, the American singer, and songwriter turned convict, may be done with the public and media as he is now behind bars. However, his past has come back to haunt in the most awful way as a victim of his history of sexual assaults has recently come forward with the claim that not only are they engaged but they may be expecting a baby that may be from the famous convict himself. Joycelyn Savage, the 26-year-old public figure was the one who made these outrageous claims. Whether her claims are true or not, she is now directly responsible for the child molester making headlines once again, even behind bars.

Joycelyn Savage claims her pregnancy comes from R. Kelly

Joycelyn Savage
Joycelyn Savage

At the age of 17, Joycelyn Savage left her parents’ home and moved in with the disgraced singer in Chicago to pursue a singing career. By the time she was 19, she had lost connection with her family and had broken ties with them. She has supported the convicted sex trafficker on numerous occasions and, during his trial, identified herself as “Kelly’s fiance[e]” in a letter to the judge before his sentencing.

The 26-year-old has published a 24-page eBook in which she asserts that R. Kelly is the father of her unborn child; however, the lawyer for the disgraced musician has categorically refuted this.

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R. Kelly’s legal team denies claims

Hollywood fallen star R. Kelly
Hollywood fallen star R. Kelly

Joycelyn Savage’s claims have been denied by the defamed singer’s lawyer. TMZ was told by R. Kelly’s Attorney, Jennifer Bonjean that the alleged fiance is “certainly not pregnant with R.Kelly’s child“. The legal team of the singer has outright denied it, having stated that Joycelyn Savage is lying and that the claims hold no truth to them. It is yet to be known if the singer’s lawyers are trying to save R. Kelly’s face by denying the claims or if there is truth to what they’re saying.

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Does the claim of R. Kelly having a fourth baby on the way hold any truth?

Joycelyn Savage and R. Kelly

Even though the lawyer that represented R. Kelly denied the fact outrightly, the reasoning behind the rejection does not seem concrete. The claim itself feels too much of a rumor than a truth considering that the claim’s only proof that backs it up is the history that the two shared and the details written in her book that may or may not match the reality of the situation.

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Source: TMZ

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