Charlie Cox Gets Brand New Fan-Made Suit Update For Disney+ Revival

Charlie Cox is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Daredevil on the streaming service of Disney+

The first season was released on April 10, 2015, on Netflix, followed by the second season on March 18, 2016, and the third, on October 19, 2018. Daredevil revolves around the story of Matt Murdock, a lawyer by the day, and Daredevil in the night. He fights criminals and keeps discovering more about the underworld crime.

Charlie Cox Gets Brand New Fan-Made Suit Update For Disney+ Revival
Netflix’s Daredevil Poster

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Fans design Charlie Cox’s Daredevil outfit for Season 4

Netflix has seen enough changes in Charlie Cox’s Daredevil suit. Marvel keeps bringing out these new updates in the costumes of its superheroes. His costume in the first season was a homemade outfit with a bandana mask, which kept having little changes over time. Until the Season 1 finale, where he gets his classic red threads from Melvin Potter, Wilson Fisk’s tailor who is specialized in lightweight bulletproof clothing. In Season 2, he upgraded his suit to resemble more like his comic book look when he takes a bullet from Frank Castle, The Punisher. In Season 3, he was seen back with his classic stripped-back version from Season 1.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil
Charlie Cox

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Now, for Season 4, it is certain that the hero will be seen wearing a brand new outfit for his missions. Fans have taken a dive into their imagination for what could be the fighter’s next costume. Below is such an artwork by artist “spdrmnkyxxiii” which may dig a hole for new ideas to spurt out.

Charlie Cox Gets Brand New Fan-Made Suit Update For Disney+ Revival
Charlie Cox Gets Brand New Fan-Made Suit

The Netflix series was intended more for an adult audience. But since, it is no more Netflix, but Disney+ now, the darker themes and imagery are quite questionable. It seems that it could be more lighter and fun this time. Although, since Deadpool continues to stay R-Rated, Daredevil still has its chance to have those adult tones.

The show is currently at a very early stage of production. The writers have just seemed to have stepped into the Marvel Studio. This means there are no signs of the film coming any time sooner in the present year.

It would be safe to assume the film to be released only after 2023 on Disney +

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