Charlie Hunnam Refused Fifty Shades of Grey Role Because He’s in “a Very Committed Relationship”, Chose Love Over Money as This Role Made His Beau Uncomfortable

Charlie Hunnam is one of the talented stars in Hollywood who rose to prominence with his roles in Green Street Hooligans and Sons of Anarchy. Not just for his acting, but the star is also known for being a sweetheart, especially in his personal life. However, his romantic life was also one of the reasons why he decided to let go of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, a commercially successful trilogy.

Charlie Hunnam
English actor, Charlie Hunnam

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Fifty Shades of Grey was an absolute blockbuster in the industry, which quickly garnered attention even before it was released. Initially, the lead role in the film was given to Hunnam, who ended up leaving the franchise. However, he explained why he did so.

Charlie Hunnam Was Uncomfortable With The Explicit Scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam

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In an interview with Elle magazine in 2017, the 42-year-old actor, Charlie Hunnam, opened up about being hesitant about taking the lead role in Fifty Shades of GreyInitially, when the actor dropped out of the film, he revealed “schedule conflict” being the primary reason involving for his departure, adding that he was also busy shooting the Sons of Anarchy series.

However, many reports started surfacing about the film’s explicit scenes being one of his concerns, especially when he was in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Morgana McNelis.

The actor, later on, shared how his departure from the famous franchise also has something to do with his girlfriend.

“I try to be sensitive to the fact that we’re doing something intimate, but also keep a clear boundary. Because I’m in a very committed relationship, and I’m also cognizant that it’s not my girlfriend’s favorite part of my job.”

He further added how filming the s*x scenes was not his “favorite” thing.

“It’s a delicate balance to strike—to be emotionally open enough to have an experience that feels honest between two people but also maintain that it’s just for the film. It’s not my favorite thing to do.”

Adding that he is a germophobe since his childhood, he didn’t want to “kiss anyone but my girlfriend” as he is committed to her.

A Brief Note on Charlie Hunnam’s Relationship With Morgana McNelis

Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis
Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis

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Hunnam started dating the jewelry designer, Morgana McNelis in 2005. Since then, the couple has been maintaining their relationship and are quite affectionate with each other.

While the pair are extremely low-key regarding their affectionate romantic life, they often share their lovey-dovey presence during the actor’s premieres and are very supportive of each other.

Though not many details about their relationship ever went public, his girlfriend has partnered with the non-profit, Naretoi, which benefits Maasai women in Kenya through educational programs, on various occasions.

Their romantic relationship has not been much appreciated by the fans, however, Hunnam has always tried his best to keep her away from public scrutiny.

Source: Elle

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