Charlie Sheen Was Dropped by Underwear Brand After Actor Put a Knife to Wife in Violent Temper Outburst Just Days After Christmas

Actors and famous personalities usually have difficult life with all the spotlights pointed at them and a lack of privacy. Anger issues, addiction, and violent crimes are thus considered part and parcel of most celebrity’s lives. Charlie Sheen is among those actors from Hollywood who has a long history of violent crimes. To be more specific, Sheen usually brings out his wrath on women, for his crimes have always been reported against them. 

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen is reported to have a long history of violent crimes

Charlie Sheen’s crimes and abuses against women landed him great troubles in his career. He was supposed to feature in a TV commercial for an underwear brand, which was halted by the company following his arrest after the December 2009 incident of domestic violence against his then-wife, Brooke Mueller. 

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Looking back to Charlie Sheen’s plethora of violent behavior 

Charlie Sheen, the infamous actor from the sitcom Two and a Half Men, has had a long history of violent crimes against women. He had been accused of s*xual assault, abuse, battery, domestic violence, and threat against women for nearly two decades. The Wall Street actor also has a history of drug abuse and anger management issues, which somehow seemed to trigger his violent acts. 

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen’s history of abuse, domestic violence, threat, and anger management

Starting from January 1990, Sheen was reportedly found abusing his partners. His crimes were first brought into the limelight when he was reported to have accidentally shot his fiancée Kelly Preston’s arm. Further, it was found that Sheen was taking drugs, which initiated the manic behavior. In 1994, Sheen was sued for battery by a young UCLA student who refused to have s*x with him. In 1995, he even testified for tax evasion, followed by his arrest in 1996, for allegedly beating his then-girlfriend, Brittany Ashland. 

Charlie Sheen’s crimes became docile for a year until 1998 when he was hospitalized for drug overdose. However, the near-to-death experience might have worked on him for he kept to himself until 2005 when his then-wife Denise Richards filed for a divorce with several reasons and concerns. Following his divorce, Sheen went ahead with his crimes all over again. He further married Brooke Mueller who got him arrested for domestic violence. 

Charlie Sheen’s criminal mischief, addiction, and anger management issues landed him in great trouble, especially in his career. 

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Hanes television commercials featuring Charlie Sheen were halted 

When Sheen was charged with domestic violence and further arrested for his crimes against his then-wife Brooke Mueller, he was supposed to feature in a TV commercial for an underwear brand. However, the commercial was halted by Hanes and was decided to never run again. 

The company was made aware of his arrest in December 2009, for his violence against his then-wife Brooke Mueller, to which Matt Hall, the spokesperson decided,

Hanes is not running the Hanes television commercials featuring Charlie Sheen, and those commercials will not run again.” 

Actor Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen’s Hanes TV commercial was halted following his arrest

The commercial was suspended on the first possible good thing after Charlie Sheen’s arrest on Christmas day. But later it was decided that Sheen will be dropped from its promotion. There were several other ads featuring the actor, which couldn’t be taken down on time. The representatives apologized, saying,

There are a few trade advertisements featuring Mr. Sheen scheduled to run this spring. Unfortunately, the production schedule of those publications do not allow us to pull those ads.” 

The actor Charlie Sheen often made headlines for his violent crimes rather than his movies and series. Sheen was doing well in his TV series Two and a Half Men, however, even there, his contract was terminated in 2011, after his derogatory remarks about the creator of the show, Chuck Lorre. 

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Source: US Magazine

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