Cheetah to come alive in Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer has been released and is becoming sensational. Warner Bros. just gave us what we all wanted- the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. Gal Gadot returns as the fierce warrior of the DC Comics. She is one of the most loved DC superheroes. We just can’t wait to see the female combatant in action again. The returning cast will be joined by new members. This includes Kristen Wiig playing the antagonist, the much-awaited Cheetah a.k.a Barbara Minerva.

Minimal Digital Effects

Kristen Wiig in Wonder Woman 1984

Director Patty Jenkins, in a recent interview, gave an insight into the upcoming film. Cheetah, according to the maker has been brought to life with minimum digital effects.

According to her, ” We tried to do as much as we could practically, and we pulled off most of it.” However, the crew has taken a huge risk with the decision. Usually, such movies make use of digital effects along with a few practical effects. It could be a real disaster if things don’t work out the way it is supposed to be.

Wonder Woman emotional after seeing the director’s cut

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The first cut of the film brought tears into Gal Gadot’s eyes. On her own words, “For an actor to see himself playing in a movie is always a very strange thing, because you’re very judgmental about yourself and you’re very nervous and all you see is you, and I got to say the first time I watched Wonder Woman [1984], and it was the very first cut, the very first director’s cut, I forgot it was me and I was is invested even though I shot the whole movie and I read the script a million times and we did it and filmed it for eight whole months and all of a sudden seeing all the puzzle pieces coming together and seeing this huge, grand… I called Patty crying. I had an even bigger reaction than I did for the first one.”

A Movie on its own

Chris Pine to return as Steve Trevor

Gal is of the opinion that the movie will stand out on its own. Even the audience who disliked the previous movie is expected to welcome the movie wholeheartedly. Wonder Woman[1984] is scheduled to be released on 5th June 2020.

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