Chris Evans And Henry Cavill Being Thirsted Over By Female Celebs

”I am single and not looking to be in a relationship.” – Chris Evans

What rings a bell when you think of actors like Chris Evans or Henry Cavill? Well, I guess great looks, extraordinary body, and an enormous female fan following, right? However, did you know that a lot of leading women from Hollywood fall into the list!

So here are our top picks of these two attractive hunks being thirsted over by famous female celebs. Chris Evans, otherwise known as Steve Rogers, the blue-eyed boy of Hollywood, is astonished by his stunning looks and character. His personality and sense of humor are actually funny and certainly not obscure. The rundown of celebs pounding over him is unquestionably to astound you!



Number 1. Haley Atwell:

Cast beside Evans a role as Peggy Carters in the first movie of Captain America, their chemistry was praise-worthy. Atwell admitted in an interview that her favorite scene with Chris Evans was the kiss and the buff body uncover!

Number 2. Scarlett Johansson:

Johansson met Evans in 2004 when they were shooting for ‘The Perfect Score’ and have known each other for over a decade now. The two best friends reportedly hang out a lot together, and Scarlett does not shy away from publicly admitting how hot Chris Evans is!

Number 3. Brie Larson:

Larson joined the MCU as Captain Marvel and is not just a co-actor to Evans but also a friend behind the cameras. Larson has been caught staring at Evans without batting an eyelid.

Number 4. Selena Gomez:

Disney Star, actor, singer, and now a makeup mogul, Selena Gomez, went on a show and admitted finding Evans to be cute.

Number 5. Jessica Alba:

Alba and Evans starred together in the first Marvel movie Fantastic 4. On being asked which Chris was her favorite, she chose Evans as she had known him the longest. She even admitted that she finds Chris Evans hot.

Number 6. Jenny Slate:

Slate and Evans actually dated in the year 2016, when they met on the set of Gifted. Even though the two called it quits, they had mutual respect for one another. Slate went on a show and stated Evans to be the kindest person she has ever come across.

Number 7. Elizabeth Olsen:

Another co-star who has had a crush on Evans is Elizabeth Olsen. They have even been linked in the past. But both Evans and Olsen have denied the same.

Another hunk on this list who gets female attention from not only his fans but even the female celebs is Henry Cavill. Being the charmer that he is. So the list of female superstars thirsting over him ought not to come as amazement for you people.

Number 1. Amy Adams:

Adams has gone on record many times now to admit how smitten she is by Cavill. She has also stated how much she enjoys working with him.

Number 2. Freya Allan:

Allan plays the role of Princess Cirilla on Netflix’s Witcher along with Cavill. During interviews, the 19-year-old actress cannot stop staring at Cavill, thus reinstating her crush for him.

Number 3. Gal Gadot:

An actress known to be the crush of many leading men of the industry is actually smitten by Cavill. During interviews, Gadot cannot take her eyes off Cavill, and her giggles sure do not go unnoticed.

Number 4. Demi Lovato:

Disney actor and singer Lovato chose the Gen-Z way, the Social Media way. They liked a whole lot of Cavill’s pictures on Instagram to get a like on her own picture as well. However, neither of them has admitted to the same openly.

Number 5. Anya Chalotra:

Another co-star from The Witcher, Cholatra, has been paired opposite Cavill, and their chemistry is unmatched. Both stars can be seen sharing smiles in between interviews and fan meets.

All being said, it is irrefutable both these men are handsome and have a body to die for. Both have and even enjoy their own different fan bases, which one can think from the number of thirst tweets they get consistently.

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