Chris Evans Shares Quarantine Update From His Dog’s Perspective And It is Super Cute

Times are tough as people continue to stay home due to the threat of the novel coronavirus, but thankfully, there are plenty of celebrities on social media to boost our spirits. 

How Captain America Deals with Quarantine

Chris Evans with hid dog during quarantine

Since people started to self-isolate, MCU star Chris Evans has posted a personal update and brought the Internet some extra cheer by sharing a photo himself with his quarantine companion, his dog Dodger.

The Internet loves Dodger, so folks were especially excited when Evans took to Twitter today to share a quarantine update from the adorable doggo’s perspective.

“I’m seeing you nap for an hour striving to compose my thoughts. I’m not sure how to say this, so I’m just going to come right out with it. Why the f*ck we nevermore go to the dog-park anymore? Also, wake-up, I am starving,” Dodger wrote.

The post received over 160,000 likes on the social media site, in just two hours. 

Chris’s Love for His Family!

Evans presents Dodger with a lot of affection on social media. Recently, by posting a heartwarming photograph of them on Valentine’s Day.

Also, talking about their lovely reunion video that went viral. Staying cute is not Dodger’s talent alone, but he also can sing.

Not long back, he accorded a glance of Dodger in the popular Knives Out sweater. Dodger isn’t the only prominent member of Evans’ family.

Lately, by discussing his mom, he won our hearts again. He revealed that Avengers: Endgame’s Old Man Steve Rogers made his mother cry, and shared that she helped talk him into playing the iconic hero.

Chris Upcoming Projects

Evans’ next project is Defending Jacob, a new mini-series premieres on Apple TV+. Based on the novel of the identical title by William Landay.

The series is also firm to star IT’s Jaeden Martell, Michelle Dockery. Proceeding the list with Pablo Schreiber of Orange Is the New Black and Succession’s Cherry Jones.

Furthermore, Evans would be teaming up with Scott Derrickson,  Doctor Strange director, for a thriller-movie regarding the Bermuda Triangle. The latest Little Shop of Horrors film-version also expects Evans’ appearance.

Take a Look at the Tweet:

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