Underthings you did not know you needed to file this. The main moment from Avengers was spliced by video editor John Grosjean. It was Endgame with one of Transformers ‘ songs: The Film (1986). And he posted it on Twitter. The end result was so good, in reality. On the microblogging service, Chris Evans shared the video himself. The scene in question shows Captain America (Evans) first picking up Mjolnir as Stan Bush’s “The Touch” rages in the foreground. It makes the most beautiful ass-kicking power ballad you’ll see today.

Co-director Russo reveals

Chris Evans at Comic-Con

On the press tour for Endgame, co-director Joe Russo revealed few details about the Cap.

“I think everyone who’s a Marvel fan at that moment where Cap tested the hammer, felt deep down in their heart that he was worthy and that he could potentially lift that and boy wouldn’t it be special if one day he did,” Russo said in an interview. “And obviously if you create drama around the circumstances of him wielding the hammer and then kicking Thanos’ ass for 30 seconds after that, we felt like we could create a raiseable moment for the audience.”

Vulnerability faced by Captain America

Anthony Russo said Cap’s story arc in Endgame was all about the vulnerability the character experiences. Which was after losing the biggest battle of his life.

“We wanted to challenge that character in ways where we could really see his cracks and really find his vulnerability,” Russo continued. 

“…his principles, dedicated to his principles..”

Star studded superhero cast of Endgame

“And while, certainly, his superpowers, his moral fortitude and his ability to be very simple to his principles, dedicated to his principles, we wanted to find a way to get past that with the character [and] take that character into areas where he can’t find easy answers. So, I think that was really what it was – the degree to which we could continue to explore this character’s very complex humanity and vulnerability, relatability to all of us. And I think that’s a great joy, and I think you will see that very, very much in Endgame as well.”


Source: Comicbook, Reddit




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