Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction 2’ Moves To Europe Amidst Australia’s Lockdown!

Extraction was one of the most successful original movies of Netflix and now its planned sequel “Extraction 2” is all set to now shoot in Prague; capital of Czech Republic.
The action packed movie Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth was originally set to be shot in Australia.

The crew had already begun preparing in New South Wales, Australia were later informed on Friday By Netflix and the Russo brothers’ AGBO production company as told by the sources. According to them, Netflix said that the decision to move the location was due to the Covid situation and the lockdown concerns across Australia.

The much anticipated sequel is written by Joe Russo and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo. As per the other sources (who gave a much wider context) explained that it was also due to Hemsworth’s tight schedule apart from the growing uncertainties associated with shooting in Australia; which made the relocation a safer choice.
For those who are unaware, Chris Hemsworth is scheduled to be back in Australia by the end of this year (November or December) to start the pre-production of Mad Max franchise movie “Furiosa”.

For almost a year right from mid 2020, Australia was one of the world”s busiest destination making it a hotspot for filming movies and TV series. Australia managed to achieve this feat through a strong coronavirus response and the generous production incentives.

Sadly, at the moment there are lockdowns in the urban areas of leading screen production hubs aka Sydney, New South Wales (until September 30th) and Melbourne, Victoria.
But the rural areas and the surrounding suburban areas are not moving at the same speed. As a result apart from juggling border restrictions, authorized worker lists and changing local rules is becoming too troublesome for large film crews.

Shooting these movies and series can be certified as an essential work activities in Australia, which  allows the smaller productions to press ahead while operating under the strict health protocols. But these aren’t foolproof either.
“Poker Face”directed by Russell Crowe was shut down on Tuesday right after there was a confirmation on Covid-19 case among its crew.

Additionally, at the beginning of this month, WarnerMedia’s “Days of Abandonment” an HBO film had to abandon its Sydney shoot when the lead Natalie Portman (who is already shooting for Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” ) dropped out for some personal reasons.

Later, in the month of June; Netflix bailed on another Australia production when Melissa McCarthy’s starring series “God’s Favorite Idiot”.

The first Extraction movie; the tale of a mercenary who takes on a mission in Bangladesh, was originally expected to shoot in Australia and India, standing in for Dhaka. But after the Indian shoot ceased to be viable, much of the production shifted to Thailand instead.

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