Chris Pine Becomes Homelander in Real Life as Don’t Worry Darling Star Spaced Out During Movie’s Premiere, Fans Say He’s Done With Olivia Wilde and Her Controversies

Chris Pine is an actor who first rose to fame for his role as Will Colson in the movie Unstoppable in 2010. In his most recent event, he was spotted at the Don’t Worry Darling premiere at the Venice Film Festival. A clip of the actor, where he zoned out in the middle of a media conference, has gone viral. The movie will be released in theatres from 23 September onwards.

Chris Pine
Chris Pine

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Chris Pine Pulls off a Homelander Impersonation

A fan took it to Twitter and shared a clip of Chris Pine zoning out in the middle of a conference. As Harry Styles was explaining his “favorite thing about the movie.” Chris Pine pulled off a realistic Homelander impersonation by zoning out in the middle of a conference.

Chris Pine
Pine pulled off a Homelander Impersonation.

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Pine seemed to mimic the iconic scene of Homelander in the conference. In the Season 2 of the series, Homelander was made to watch a movie against his will and he zoned out while watching the movie. Like a fan twitter on pointed out, he pulled off this famous scene.

With everything that has been going on with the movie’s cast, his reaction was quite justified. The director Olivia Wilde and the lead actress Florence Pugh were not on friendly terms throughout the movie’s filming.

Fans React to The Actor’s Homelander Impersonation

Fans noticed The Finest Hours actor’s reactions throughout the whole conference and called it a “whole mood.” Some fans showed their sympathy for the actor what he had to go through on the set. A fan said, “You show up to your cast HATING each other and you get stuck on a junket with a man who has seemingly just figured out what acting is.

Chris Pine
Chris Pine

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The premier was filled with enough drama as it is. Apart from this, a clip went viral where Harry Styles appears to spit in Pine’s lap while sitting

Source: Twitter

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