Chris Rock Says Will Smith’s Slap Still Hurts, Insults Jada Pinkett Smith Again For Cheating on Her Husband

The 94th Academy Awards, where Will Smith famously slapped Chris Rock on stage and then hurled expletives from his seat, will soon mark its one-year anniversary. Rock made a joke about the King Richard actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, which led to the aforementioned incident. Since then, Smith has expressed regret for his actions; in contrast, Rock has said little about it other than the occasional stand-up joke in response.

Taking the stage once again, the stand-up comedian explained what actually happened after Smith slapped him at the 2022 Academy Awards. In his appearance on Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, Netflix’s first live stand-up special, on March 4, the Amsterdam actor made mention of the incident.

Comedian Chris Rock
Comedian Chris Rock

Leslie Jones, Amy Schumer, Arsenio Hall, Jerry Seinfeld, and Deon Cole made appearances at the event, which was broadcast live from Baltimore, Maryland. Ronny Chieng, the host of The Daily Show, also made an appearance.

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Chris Rock Explains His Side Of The ‘Will Smith Oscars Slap’

The first live stand-up comedy production for Netflix, Selective Outrage, featured Chris Rock yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland. Earlier this week, Rock was reportedly planning to finally talk about the slap in the show, but it was unclear how much he would divulge. However, his remarks about Smith’s now-famous slap—and more specifically, what he had to say about it—took center stage.

The 58-year-old comedian only made a passing mention of the incident at the beginning of the show when he said,

Everybody who says words hurt has never been punched in the face. Y’all know what happened to me, getting smacked by Shug Smith. Yes, it happened. I got smacked like a year ago. I got smacked at the f*cking Oscars by this motherf**ker People are like ‘Did it hurt?’ It still hurts!”

Will Smith Smacked Chris Rock
Will Smith Smacked Chris Rock

The academy received criticism for what was considered to be a tardy response to the slapping incident, which is so scandalous that it has earned nicknames like ‘Slapgate’ and ‘The Slap’ and has its own Wikipedia page.

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He Discussed Jada Pinkett Smith For Cheating On Her Husband

The next topic Chris Rock brought up was the open marriage of Will Smith and his wife, along with his claim that Jada Pinkett Smith had cheated on her husband. The couple had earlier talked about their relationship in a number of interviews. 

Everyone in the world “called [Will Smith] a b*tch,” Rock claimed, alluding to a 2020 interview in which Smith and Pinkett Smith discussed their open marriage. “She hurt him way more than he hurt me,” he said.

Rock said that he was merely carrying on a dispute that began when Smith was not given an Oscar nomination for the 2015 movie Concussion, prompting Pinkett Smith to call for her husband to skip hosting the ceremony.

Chris Rock
Comedian Chris Rock

During the 2022 Oscars broadcast, Will Smith smacked Chris Rock in the face after he made a joke about the physical characteristics of Smith’s wife, who has a hair loss condition (alopecia areata). Twelve days after the blow, Smith received a 10-year suspension from the Oscars-organizing Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

He left the Academy as well, and also passed this year’s nominations for his work in the Apple TV+ Emancipation. Later in March, Smith apologized to Rock and Oscars viewers before releasing a video apology in July, in which he said his actions were “unacceptable” and that he was willing to speak with Rock whenever he was ready.

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Source- Netflix’s Chris Rock: Selective Outrage

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