Chucky is a robot in the new Child’s Play trailer

Child’s Play a horror movie released in 1988 but is still going strong today with every generation knowing who their best friend is, the franchise lasted with seven movies, Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride Of Chucky, Seed Of Chucky, Curse Of Chucky and most recently Cult Of Chucky.

The franchise started with serial killer Charles Lee Ray transferring his soul into a good guy doll, the first person he tells his identity to [Andy (8)] he would be forced to transfer his soul into Andy. Its a pretty basic plot which is interesting but since Orion pictures announced their reboot they decided to take a different route with the franchise.

Since we’re in a newer and more advanced generation the Buddi doll is a robot that connects to all your devices, this is a very different plot than the original franchise but its actually smart move, given the fact that chuckys is a robot it means he can be rebuilt again and again given Orion the opportunity to have an entire new franchise on their hands

Mark Hamill who portrayes Luke Skywalker and the Joker has confirmed he will voice chucky, many Hamill fans such as myself will watch his take on Chucky, he hasn’t spoken much about the movie but promises of will be “Epic”

The trailer looks absolutely terrifying and doesn’t look like a movie that will end well for Andy or his family, in a Sneak peak we can see Chucky controlling of their devices given chucky an even bigger advantage than his previous films, Bride Of Chucky star Jennifer Tilly isn’t happy about the reboot and was promised another movie that isn’t happening anymore, Cult Of Chucky ended on an epic cliffhanger which may upset and frustrate fans of the original franchise, it was even rumored Chucky would be in space!


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