Cinematic DC And Marvel Heroes Who Look Very Different Than The Original Version

Most Marvel and DC movie and series characters are initially created based on the ones we already love from the respective comic books. Sometimes their certain characteristics are accurately maintained, but there are occasions when the creators would go on changing things so these heroes would actually fit the audience’s taste better. Their intentions do sound nice, but there are occasions, every now and then, that they end up upsetting and disappointing the loyal comics.


Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter)

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

Marvel comic fans would remember a pink-haired girl we saw in the pages of Marvel comics, the Jessica Jones we saw in the Netflix series is a kind of dark character who prefers black clothes – dope, isn’t it? Well, as fans, we hope MCU brings her back!


Arrow (played by Stephen Amell)

Arrow in Arrowverse and comics
Arrow in Arrowverse and comics

A Bruce Wayne-ish billionaire Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow in the lore of DC comics is like a pure homage to old-school Robin Hood, although his on-screen version is way more serious with costumes with darker tones, consisting of shoulder pads and arrows on his back. A bit comic accurate, we’d say? What do you think?


Daredevil (portrayed by Charlie Cox)

Before he went on to become the beloved vigilante we love, there was a time (remember season1?), Matt Murdock aka Daredevil used to wear plain black clothes, which was nothing like his comic version.


Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa)

One cannot deny that Jason Momoa has done exceedingly well as Aquaman, but his character does look different from the usual short-haired blonde with orange scales that we see in the DC comics.


Beast (Nicholas Hoult)

The Beast

Getting a role in a Marvel film always takes a certain level of talent – and that’s unquestionable. For Nicholas Hoult, however, playing Beast in the X-Men Fox franchise in the 2010s after the role had been fulfilled by Kelsey Grammar, getting a role in a Marvel film meant showing some of those Family Guy impressions.


Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio)

Kingpin in Dardevil and Marvel Comics
Kingpin in Dardevil and Marvel Comics

It’s no ore a secret that Vincent D’onofrio’s Kingpin does have a dashing fashion sense – as we have seen in Netflix’s Dardevil, but when he comes up on the big screen, the infamous Spider-Man villain looks much tamer and simpler than his onscreen persona.

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