Comic Book Characters That Are Blatant Wonder Woman Rip-Offs

Inspiration is one of the core keys to creating great content especially when it comes to the entertainment industry. However, when someone makes a blatant rip-off, it’s hard to digest for fans. The weirdest thing about an iconic movie or a show is that someone is always ready to create a rip-off to piggyback on the success of the original Idea. On that note, let’s take a look at some comic book characters that are blatant Wonder Woman rip-offs.

Power Princess

Zarda made her first appearance on The Defenders in 1982. The credit for the creation of this character goes to  J.M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin. However, fans couldn’t help but notice the striking similarities between her and our beloved Wonder Woman. In fact, the storyline sounds almost the same as that of Wonder Woman which makes us somewhat sure that it’s just another blatant ripoff.

American Maid

Even though the American Maid was one of the most intense and effective superheroes, we know the fact that she is a rip-off of two original superheroes. Just combine Captain America and Wonder Woman!


The Youngblood Universe didn’t do a great job at concealing the fact that their precious Glory was nothing but a major knockoff of Wonder Woman. One of the primary Wonder Woman features they ripped off is that they made Glory participate in world war II. 


One of the most prominent characteristics of Superwoman is that she has all Amazon’s powers but lacks their tolerance and compassion. Both pre-crisis and post-crisis versions of Superwoman had the fabled golden lasso of Wonder Woman.


Thundra is the brainchild of Roy Thomas and John Buscema. She made her first appearance on Fantastic Four #129 in 1972. Coming from the alternate Earth, she began her journey as a villain and later turned out to be an iconic heroic figure. However, some undeniable similarity in traits With The Wonder Woman discredits the character of originality. The primary difference is that Wonder Woman doesn’t seem to believe in gender discrimination while this one has some major distrust with men.


The ax-wielding badass Freya matches Wonder Woman’s description by being an exceptionally honorable and formidable warrior. Her qualities were redeemable. Even then her extremely violent decapitated death was a major shocker for the audience.


I get it. Most of you would say that Superman is the real inspiration for this character. However, after some research, it’s obvious how many things in common she has with Wonder Woman. Darna made her first appearance in 1947 in Bulaklak magazine volume 4 #17. Telekinesis, high stamina, telepathy, high speed, great strength, and so on are some of the heroic qualities.

While some of these knockoffs have amazing storylines of their own, it’s hard to ignore their excessive resemblance with Wonder Woman. Let us know what you think of these comic book characters that are blatant Wonder Woman rip-offs in the comments below.

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