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10 Batman Family’s Love Interest

Batman family is worldwide famous for their superpowers and wisdom. But, little do you know they are also famous for… Read More

1 day ago

9 Of The Most Hilarious Memes Of Spider-Man From The Comics

"With great power comes great responsibility."- Spider-Man. Even though he's still generally clever in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are… Read More

1 day ago

Upcoming Millarworld Releases Post Jupiter’s Legacy !

Mark Millar is no stranger when it comes to comics. He is one of the most respected and beloved name… Read More

2 days ago

10 Of The Most Heartbreaking Villain Deaths, From The Marvel Comics Ranked

“There is only one who is all powerful, and his greatest weapon is love.”― Stan Lee Even though Marvel villains never… Read More

3 days ago

Jesse Hamm The Famous Comics Writer, Artist and Essayist Has Died

“You have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure”.… Read More

3 days ago

10 Best Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Would Make Amazing TV Shows

There have been some attempts at making shows out of non-superhero comic books and graphic novels. Not many of them… Read More

3 days ago

20 Powerful Artifacts In The DC Universe

The DC Comics universe is home to the absolute most impressive artifacts in the entirety of fiction. Normally, these items… Read More

4 days ago

Margot Robbie Has Made It Her Goal To Bring Poison Ivy Into The DCEU

"Playing a bad guy is always more fun than playing the good guy." ...Margot Robbie. Margot Robbie says she's often… Read More

4 days ago

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