Justice League: Steppenwolf’s Betrayal Against Darkseid In Snyder Cut Explained!

Zack Snyder's Justice League has been a culmination of blood sweat and tears for a lot of individuals. The story… Read More

4 weeks ago

Zack Snyder Uncovers Which Hero Did The Martian Manhunter Replaced in the Snyder’s Cut

Never underestimate a Martian" -Martian Manhunter. Zack Snyder uncovered which hero did the Martian Manhunter (played by Harry Lennix) amended… Read More

1 month ago

12 Marvel Villains Crazy Enough For The Arkham Asylum

The Arkham Asylum holds some of the most insane and unhinged super villains of the DC Universe. But how many… Read More

1 month ago

White Vision’s Powers Are Probably From The Space (And Not Mind) Stone!

WandaVision introduced the character of White Vision; and there have been a lot of speculation about this version of the… Read More

1 month ago

Steve Rogers is About to Meet Marvel’s First LGBTQ Captain America

Captain America is a symbol that inspires people. It is a moniker that has been held by several characters in… Read More

1 month ago

Ranking The Best Superman Actors

The Superman is a legendary superhero for any young kid out there. With his blue eyes, the alien immigrant from… Read More

1 month ago

10 Marvel Characters That Could Take a Trip to Arkham Asylum!

Arkham Asylum is the place to keep the worst of the worst. DC created Arkham to store some of its… Read More

1 month ago

Who Wins The Streets – The Knight of Gotham or The Emerald Archer?

Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen are two of DC’s most prominent figures. The Bat of Gotham, and the Arrow of… Read More

1 month ago

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