Over the last ten years of MCU, we’ve seen the Infinity Stones serving as a driving force behind the plot of many Marvel Studios properties. Everything that happened this year when Thanos gathered all the Stones which proves its worth.

For most of it, each Infinity Stone was introduced differently. The first stone came hidden in a Tesseract in Captain America: The First Avenger while the last Stone to come in was the Soul Stone, which didn’t debut onscreen until this year’s Infinity War.

For those fans who hope to see a quick rundown of the Stones, one Marvel fan has thankfully crafted a tidy lineup

that sums down everything until “The Snap”. M

The first date on the timeline is that of Reality Stones’ placement on Svartalfheim in 2988 BC, something that we learned in Thor: The Dark World. However, the actual origins of Infinity Stones is still unknown. We saw the Celestials using the Power Stone to raze planets such as Morag in Guardians of the Galaxy but until now, we don’t know how Thanos acquired the Mind Stone or how the Soul Stone reached Vormir.

This timeline was originally posted to Reddit by /u/shadowjammy and follows the dates the movies were released on rather than the timeline introduced in an MCU-book released recently.

The stones will reappear in Avengers 4 as the heroes will come together to face the Mad Titan.

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