Creepiest Horror Movies Based On Real Stories, Ranked

Horror Movies are anyway scary but you know what makes them scarier? The fact that the story of some of them was derived from real-life events! This element adds up the horror because while watching if you know something of that sort has happened in real life, it’ll surely creep you out. And let’s be honest, isn’t it always exciting to watch something on-screen that has happened for real? Yes, it is! So, here’s a list of the five creepiest horror movies based on real stories. Check it out! Also, let us know which of these horror movies are your favorite.

1. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

Movie: The Exorcism of Emily Rose Horror Movies
Movie: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

No matter how the film performed at the box office, the movie was scary as hell to watch. Most importantly because it is based on a true story about Anneliese Michel. She was a German woman who underwent 67 exorcisms. Before resorting to exorcism as a treatment, she was going through psychiatric treatment. However, it wasn’t proving to be effective at all. The movie will give you chills because Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Emily Rose, has given a breathtaking performance! According to Michel, she was possessed by five demons who used to fight one another to have control over her body. This is exactly what they’ve shown in the movie!

2. The Possession (2012)

Movie: The Possession Horror Movies
Movie: The Possession

In the movie, we see Em, a young girl convincing her father to buy her a box from a yard sale. Once she got it, she became increasingly obsessed with it and started exhibiting signs of being possessed. The acting in the movie is on point and will give you goosebumps. But what’s scarier is the fact it is based on a true story. There used to be a haunted dybbuk box. Another creepy thing that happened was during the shoots, the cast and crew experienced spooky things like a fire breaking out without a source that destroyed props, exploding of lightbulbs and chilly drafts on sets.

3. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

Movie: A Nightmare On Elm Street Horror Movies
Movie: A Nightmare On Elm Street

This movie is what kickstarted the franchise with a bang! It was well received by the audience not just because of the direction or acting by the cast, but for another reason too! Director Wes Craven revealed that the movie is based on a true story after reading an article about a family who survived The Cambodia Killing Fields. Even though they moved to America, their son used to have recurring nightmares about something/somebody chasing him. These dreams did not let him sleep for days! And if he did, he would scream throughout the night. By the time he could be helped, it was too late. He was dead.

4. Amityville Horror (1979)

Movie: Amityville Horror
Movie: Amityville Horror

The plot of the movie is that a newlywed couple moves into a new mansion. Soon after they realize that the mansion is haunted. Whoever tries to exorcise it meets with devastation. This is not somebody’s imagination. This happened for real with a couple who was interviewed by Jay Anson. It is often debated whether the story is completely true or not, but one thing is for sure, the house was haunted and the couple witnessed supernatural activities when they moved.

5. Winchester (2018)

Movie: Winchester
Movie: Winchester

This movie only tells us some portion of the original story behind the Winchester Mystery House. And, yes, the makers have tried to change the story a bit according to their plot. But overall the basic fact is the same this is the most haunted mansion in the world. The seven-storied mansion was once home to Sarah Winchester who strongly believed that the mansion was haunted with spirits killed by Winchester rifles. Presently, the mansion is a creepy tourist spot.

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