Crisis On Two Earths: Five Reasons Why Every DCAU Fan Should Watch This Epic

The department of DC’s animation announced back in the year 2007, that they were already developing a whole line of DVDs, with movies that will be free from the numerous constraints of the TV. This turned out to be an undoubtedly weird move by them. DC is known for some good animation movies – most devoted DC fans have seen their movies had been really well received by almost one and all –Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited came to an end quite recently, and DC fans were more than eager to see more of the DC Animated Universe, and well, not just stand-alone adaptations of the famous comic stories.

An Excellent Premise – And Well, Surprising Too!

Crisis on Two Earths DC animated Movie
Crisis on Two Earths

The story premise of the infamous Crisis on Two Earths is taken from the 1964 Justice League of America #29–30 titled “Crisis on Earth-Three!” inspired by Gardner Fox-scripted version of 1964 and 2000’s JLA: Earth 2 graphic novel by Grant Morrison.

An Element of Surprise

Lex Luthor in Crisis on Two Earths
Lex Luthor

The comic shows a heroic (surprised, eh?) Lex Luthor, who actually hails from an alternate universe coming to the universe of the Justice League for his help against the dangerous Crime Syndicate. The Crisis on Two Earths movie happens to be the seventh film released by Warner Bros as a part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies and Warner Bros. Animation.

The special edition for the film also features the Spectre in an animated short feature.

Brilliant Storytelling!

JLA Crisis on Two Earths

While the best of the lot, JL New Frontier, seems way too hard to get eclipsed in its incredible storytelling, however, this release, Crisis on Two Earths, does its best to come close. Initially, it might look like a usual bizarro-world story (or perhaps an Elseworld tale as it can be termed), where the entire Justice League team gets a visit by Lex Luthor from an alternate world. This version of Lex is fighting who is actually fighting the rogue Justice League of the JLA, and they all have to team up to stop them all, especially Owlman- from causing destruction to the two worlds… or maybe all of them, who knows?

Adds an interesting Philosophy to the whole mix

The Flash in Crisis on Two Earths
The Flash

What makes it richer is how brilliantly the writers build upon the various tropes, adding some philosophy to the entire mix – the Owlman looks at all of the worlds, along with the nihilism that is present in him, combined with his disgust of free will – all these factors make everything fascinating for some time in an animated movie that would be otherwise a “kids” film – however, the fans are not disappointed at all. keeps fans happy.

A treat for old, devoted Justice League Fans

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths
Justice League

Bruce Timm and the whole team outdid themselves this time. For old JL fans, this fits snugly between the end of Justice League and the first episode of Justice League Unlimited (it explains how Wonder Woman suddenly got her invisible jet and how the recruitment of JLU got kicked off). Whether you watch this as a stand-alone DCAU film or as a part of the DCAU JL series, both ways work.

For newer DC lovers and fans, if you wish to get started with a DCAU film, THIS IS THE ONE!

OUR ONLY CAUTION: The Dark Knight has a hard time as he takes a lot of punches quite often.

What are you waiting for? Go watch this incredible Justice League film this weekend and let us know your views in the comments.

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